October17, 2009

That’s first post, not first past the post. Greetings friends, readers and strangers! I love this idea of Amazon’s. Great way to initiate and maybe keep up a dialogue. Just waiting right now for my author’s copies of  An American In Heaven to arrive. And as soon as they do I shall put together a Youtube promotional film. There has been two vids up for, oh, a year or more I guess, with yours truly reading the opening chapters, the whole thing ably filmed, edited and directed by my good friend Greg Woods. This new one will just be a webcam extravaganza, but it should alert my now wider audience to the outrageous charms of Melanie, who despite being quite fictional (as opposed to the non-fiction of my first two afterlife books), feels real as hell to me.

I penned the work originally as a challenge to the melodrama of Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones, which, while being a well crafted novel with a wide appeal, fails to communicate the reality of the afterlife worlds, something I’m rather adept in at this point. Even for people who pass over in what we think of as tragic circumstances, the afterlife can be a quite wonderful experience of paradisical pleasure, joy, challenge and, well, bliss. The biggest drag for them is not being dead but seeing the weight of sadness holding down their loved ones back on earth.

Back at you soon: cheers, gordon
Tue Oct 20
“An American In Heaven”

Well, well, the new book arrived today. Six of them in an oversized cardboard sleeve that looked like it could have held twice that number. It’s funny, after months of waiting while your work on editing, changing copy and exchanging cover ideas with the artist slowly bubbles up into an actual art object. The cover was my idea and the execution the artist’s, who, I might add, I only ever emailed through the intermediary of an editor and never came close to meeting. I was very pleased with his first rendition and only asked for a couple of small amendments, which he produced like a magician reading my mind. That was months ago. If I scour the publisher’s book website I’ll find his name again, and will do so, just to thank him here, for it conveys almost exactly what I had in mind originally.

Now I shall work up a Youtube video displaying some of the funnier and insighful aspects of the text. The book is certainly more outrageous than my other two, mainly because it reflects the attitudes of the heroine Melanie. She’s as feisty and outspoken as she ever was on earth and is as fine an example of the principle, long embraced by psychics and mediums, personality survives death. Survives quite intact, thank you, and takes quite a while to modify itself in light of the new reality being lived in.

She’s a character alright, a character in a novel, but I have enough afterlife experience to know she’s not unusual. Not to mention all my years as a school bus driver, where Melanie types sallied past me more than once in a while, much more.  An American In Heaven is the first of several novels which will portray the various human situations and dilemmas experienced by souls once they’ve crossed over. As we grow closer to the other world we shall see that the two exist side by side as partners, siblings almost. Our growth is continuous from one to the other and back again, until we have wiped the karmic slate clean and learnt all we can learn. Sounds kind of dull put like that, but it can be as much fun as it is challenging. Will there be a sequel?  Well, I’m planning one.

Mon Nov 09
Number Three

Well friends,we’re up to number three. So much for dashing originality. But I would like to point out that An American In Heaven is not the third part of my afterlife trilogy. A remark by Amazon reviewer Joseph Shaw reminded me that some readers might assume that.  I have long since begun work on the third part of that trilogy (the first two parts being Eternal Life And How To Enjoy It and More Adventures In Eternity), and completed about 100 pages of the so far titled You Are History a couple of years back.  But I ran into some difficulties over just how far back to go in the planet’s history in my survey of past lives.  Should I go back as far as Atlantis, or before that even, to the star system Sirius from which I believe many monads were summoned at the opening of play of planet Earth?

This ancient scenario was referenced in William Gamill’s The Gathering some years back, and remains a very titillating prospect, at least for me. But how relevant is it in exploring higher self/monadic consciousness, that is the question. A question I tussle with to this day.  Meanwhile novels and ideas for novels continue to pour through my brain, narratives exploring the various situations experienced by those now living in the afterlife as they cope with and reassess the energies left over from their recent incarnation. Finally thanks to all those who’ve taken the time to review my books on amazon.com.  I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what you all think of American In Heaven.

your chum in eternity: gordon phinn