Wed Dec 30
“Reactions and Reviews”

Friends, greetings on this Christmas week, or as some are taking to calling it, sloth week. Of course, that doesn’t apply to those of you working, but so many of us seem to be freed from that for the time being.   I am using the post-eating period to focus on my new novel, still, as yet, untitled, or as I prefer to say, ‘insufficiently titled’. It’s a sort of Woody Allen-does-Le Carre-newage-thriller thing, if that helps at all. But it is going well, I must say, and for that, the writer in me is most grateful.

As the first reviews and reactions to  An American in Heaven have arrived, I thought a few words might be appropriate. Both the review, posted on Amazon here by T. Wyllie, and the reaction, an personal email from Holland from R. Hiltrop, were wildly positive :- really loved it (AiH), like I loved the first two, it’s spiritual and hilarious! Now who among writers would complain about that?  Not I! So please understand that such reactions are important to authors, and I certainly, am always glad to receive them. As I had felt from prepublication readers that it would be women mostly who would warm to AiH, it was fascinating to receive two very positive reviews from men. Who would have guessed?

your chum in eternity: gordon phinn