“Another “Eternal Life”  mention from the depths of the web”

Friends, around the time of the release of my first book I was doing quite a lot of radio appearances. I felt very fortunate and grateful for such sudden exposure, and ultimately thought things were being set up for me by spirit, as I had made no conscious moves in that direction.  Through the good offices of my friend Victor Viggiani, I became a regular contributor to a Toronto based psychic/paranormal show hosted by my soon-to-be friend Errol Bruce Knapp on the station CFRB, chatting up a storm month after month for two years or more before the show was abruptly canceled.

Also around that time Whitley and Anne Strieber discovered my book, and as is obvious from the below, it fit right in with what Anne had discovered during her nde some months before. Anne and I shared a warm, friendly and information heavy on-air chat, which remained online for a month or so before being deleted to make way for others.  I wish now that I had contacted one of my techie friends to somehow make a copy as it contained the the closest thing to a five star review I have ever received. I believe Whitley said it was the best, and most realistic, book on the afterlife he had ever come across. If not that then something very close.

Fortunately, Errol Bruce Knapp made a digital copy of my first show with him, and when I figure out how to edit out the commercials I shall have it posted on my website.  Today (Feb6/10) I discovered that mention of my Mysterious Powers interview with Anne is still available in the Dreamland website archives. Funny how you can find bits of info on one search engine but not another, eh?

From around Feb/March2005:  When Anne Strieber suffered a cerebral haemorrhage on October16, 2004, Mysterious Powers was placed on hiatus, with no idea of when or if the program would return. She is now fully recovered, and Mysterious Powers is back with a  very appropriate return program for a host who has been close todeath and lived to tell about it.  Anne will be interviewing Gordon Phinn, the author of Eternal Life and How to Enjoy It. Gordon’s book is about what\nhappens in the afterlife, as told to him by a guide who is dead.  Anne says,  Before my own (http://www.unknowncountry.com/diary) near-death experience, I would never have given this any credit or had this author on my show. But I was able to compare notes from firsthand experience in the world of the dead, and Gordon Phinn has something very important to tell us.

your chum in eternity: gordon phinn