Tue Dec 08
“More Adventures In Eternity”
Number Four (he said authoritatively):  When More Adventures In Eternity was released almost two years ago, I had the chance to write a short essay on it for the British Watkins Review, a journal comprising of author based articles on esoteric and new age topics, usually related to their latest book releases. As it boasted a world wide subscriber list of approximately 24,000 I was more than grateful for the opportunity to parlay the multidimensional nature of the narrative into something more immediately accessible than the 300 odd pages of intense psychic explorations which comprise the book, which I feared might be a resounding shock to the many readers of my first afterlife romp Eternal Life And How To Enjoy It. For those of you who might be considering purchasing this title, the second in my Eternal Life trilogy, here is that essay:
“How does one experience the inner journey of spiritual unfoldment? As progress along a path? As dithering and indecision in a maze? As determination to over come doubt and explore the enticing darkness? For me, that is the Gordon who conducts his experience on the physical plane, it became as a sphere expanding.  Initially I believed I was a point at the core of the sphere, receiving information from the surface. Although an illusion, it was a useful one, for it helped maintain that definition of a ‘me’ distinct from other ‘me’s’, something the beginning student requires for basic day-to-day sanity.

“But eventually, through meditation and psychic exploration, I realized that ‘I’ existed at every point on the surface of that sphere, and that as it expanded through the many dimensions of spirit, various outposts of Gordon’s consciousness could, (a) remonstrate with ‘dead’ atheists, (b) rescue the lost and confused from the misty borderlands, (c) debate with proud religionists and chuckle with relieved humanists, (d) encounter past lives and furure possibilities, (e) cavort with happy spiritualists in summerland, (f) praise with the devout in nay number of crystal cathedrals and golden temples, (g) dissolve in formless bliss and return refreshed, (h) merge with the Monad in loving reunion, and, (i) chat with the prophet/ascended master of my choice. Does that mean more than one Gordon? Yes. Aspects of self living on other planes?  Yes.  Parallel lives? Perhaps.  Stranger than fiction? Definitely.

“Yes, it seems like a tall order indeed, if not bordering on what a lot of folk would think loony, but that is what I discovered over the many months of exploration which became More Adventures In Eternity.  Certainly the work of other explorers like Robert Monroe, Bruce Moen, Robert Bruce and William Buhlmann all point in the same direction. And following on from my first guide-led, all- expenses-paid round trip through the afterlife planes, Eternal Life And How To Enjoy It, it seemed quite the natural progression.

“But for someone who had not seen the updated, 21st century spiritualism of that work,  might seem like Way Too Much.  That I’d have to live with, I expected.  You have to leave the consensus reality sometime, I told myself.  So, it’s not an entry level book: you have been warned.  My vehicle for these explorations was, in the main, hemi-sync tapes from the Monroe Institute in Virginia, which, as you may have heard, enable the listener to project his consciousness beyond the physical in a way which is quite dissimilar from the annals of astral projection and much more suggestive of mental body stimulation. That is, less viscerally exciting but more intuitively penetrative. These, combined with lucid dream recall and more traditional obe-during-sleep projections, form the bulk of the out of body reportage which constitutes More Adventures In Eternity.  Certainly we are here to experience the complete agenda of physical incarnation, or at least as much of it as we can squeeze in during our sojourn.  You know, all those illusions of the isolated ego that challenge us to continue loving and learning despite the doubt, depression and seeming insanity of the power mad, greedhead, suffering obsessed societies we swim in. Yes, we can always achieve a higher consciousness and deeper vision, one which blissfully admits us to the understanding of illusions and how necessary they are to our completed education.  Start now, or continue at will, for the adventure never ends.”

your chum in eternity: gordon phinn