Thu Jan 21
“The Lovely Bones Movie”

Friends, hello, On this post I’d like to point out my new Youtube video:  wordofgord on Lovely Bones Movie, which I think will interest you. An American In Heaven was originally composed as a reaction to The Lovely Bones novel, than all the rage on the fiction shelves. I felt its portrayal of afterlife realities was somewhat lacking and set myself the task of upgrading the fiction audience’s knowledge of the astral plane and how recently dead young people cope and adapt to their surprizing eternities, regardless of their religious or cultural affiliations.

I am glad to report that the movie extends the book’s rather paltry afterlife portrayals, and while contributing to the mainstream film audience’s stream of afterlife knowledge, adding to such titles as Defending Your Life, What Dreams May Come, The Sixth Sense and Made In Heaven, still only leads its audience to the edge of what I’ll call the afterlife proper, leaving it wondering how souls actually continue their evolution on other planes.

Of course, this is what I’m attempting with all my books, not just the latest, An American In Heaven  cheers for now then: your chum in eternity:  gordon phinn