A mere two weeks back I posted the latest in my wordofgord youtube video series, this one prompted by Benjamin Creme`s announcement that Maitreya has finally given his much and long promised major media interview, beginning what one assumes is a protracted campaign on the planet`s ignorance of the agenda of ascended masters: the equality, justice and sharing of wealth that goes with the realization of the brotherhood of man and planetary consciousness.

Maitreya, of course, has yet to reveal his true identity, and will not do so until the ideas he propounds are accepted for what they are and not because some elevated entity insists on them.  They are not commandments, they are suggested guidelines.  Creme`s announcement sent many scurrying to examine the web for possibilities.  One result was the name of Raj Patel, a social and economic activist out promoting his second book The Value Of Nothing.  Raj Patel was apparently questioned by several Share International followers about his identity and true quest.  He quickly denied any connection and posted a video quoting that famous scene from Monty Python`s Life Of Brian, where Brian shouts to  his followers that he is not the Messiah and they are not to follow him, only to have them shout his words back at him in a parody of knee jerk devotion.  There was also a New York Times article of the mini furor, followed by a phone call between its author and Benjamin Creme , where Creme hotly denied that Patel was Maitreya, or that he had suggested as much.  This is all up on Youtube for all to see.

I watched the lot and decide to wade in with my two cents worth, which is basically that the ascended masters and Maitreya have been working away quietly in the cultural background, inspiring individuals of all nations with these ideals for decades.  The channeled works of The Tibetan through Alice Bailey have been echoing many of the ideas since the 1920`s .  I came across them first in the seventies and have felt their inspiration since then.  While Raj Patel has no conscious knowledge of Maitreya, or any link to Benjamin Creme and his Share International mission, he could be be what I would call an unconscious disciple, interacting with Maitreya on the inner planes during sleep, as many do, and bringing the ideas and inspiration through in his own way, which is campaigning for economic reform.

I myself feel that I am a conscious disciple, entering the public fray to promote Maitreya`s ideals quite of my own volition, because I think they are great ideas whose time has certainly come.  But that, I suppose, is obvious at this point.  What`s intriguing to me is that this latest video of mine has acquired hits at a phenomenal rate, over 500 so far, many many more than any of my others in such a short space of time.

I don`t know about you, but I am intrigued to see just what will happen next.

your chum in eternity;  gordon phinn