Well, as far as the video goes, a lot of hits and a lot of comments.  Over 800hits and 50 comments.  Much, much more than any of the other wordofgord videos have received.  Beyond the usual “Antichrist” and “what-are-you-smokin-dude?”  there are now enthusiastic and well nigh belligerent comments arguments from those who identify themselves as Muslims of various sects,  various squabbling sects.  I now know first hand some of the expectations and disagreements over the Mahdi, identified in the old channeled texts that influenced me as the Imam Mahdi, one of the personalities that Maitreya will be recognized as when he appears, the others being the Christ, Krishna and the Bodhisattva.

As the arguments have  quickly become quite vituperative, I have had to wade in, like some wrestling referee, with dire warnings and strict disciplinary measures.  Poor me,  just getting used to being the naive dupe of the Antichrist!

I stand back and observe, bemused, engaged, and bemused again.