Amongst other and varied cultural interests, I have developed a fondness for what we now call Conspiracy Theory, and spend quite a chunk of my free time exploring the subject and its proponents.  I think the effort got underway in my last year of high school, here in Canada, shortly after my emigration from Scotland, in 1969, when my far sighted History teacher, the redoubtable Barry Cannon, allowed myself and some other high fliers to choose their own essay topics.  Partly because I had just picked up the Penguin edition of Mark Lane’s Rush To Judgment, I took the Jack Kennedy assassination as my theme.  Even with the limited materials available to a high school student back then, it quickly became rather obvious that the official story,  a carelessly and cynically concocted mythology called The Warren Report, was, shall we say, rather full of holes.  Jack’s brother Robert had been dead but a year when I embarked on this project, and the psychic and political turmoil engendered by their, and Dr. King’s, deaths, came to quickly fascinate the young me, a very British product of the giddy pop culture of the sixties.   For me and many like me,  Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band, Are You Experienced? and The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn defined our reality tunnels much more than anything political, particularly American political.  Our lives had not been dominated by the Vietnam war.  To be honest, it had barely registered.

In the years that followed I rapidly became ensnared by the cultural and political ferment in the United States.  The Underground magazines of the day, lead, in my mind, by the then cutting edge Rolling Stone, with their coverage of the anti-war and civil rights movements, brought the notions of the military-industrial complex and intelligence agency sharply into focus.  Investigations into the emerging UFO literature strongly suggested decades of cover-up.  By the early seventies I knew beyond a doubt that not only was  A Hard Rain Gonna Fall, but it was already pouring and had been for years.  The Nixon-Watergate expose rather cemented our paranoid attitude.

We were continually being duped into believing the semblance of democracy acted out on the national stage.  And this is long before the half dozen multinationals owned everything.  While busying myself with esoteric studies, both traditional and emerging,  I watched as the seventies turned into the eighties and then the nineties, each decade with its unending accumulation of political scandals and cover-ups.  Chile, Nicaragua, Iran, the End of Communism, to name but a few touchstones of shame and naive idealism.

When did the phrase Conspiracy Theory first come into common use?  I cannot recall, but I’m thinking Oliver Stone’s JFK must have helped it along.  For those of us who were following the various threads of the corrupt political tapestry, the accumulation of detailed research was beginning to bulge our bookshelves.  The flood of abduction books, beginning with Budd Hopkins Missing Time I believe, added more fuel to the fire.  One started to see and hear references to the Shadow Government.  Obscure documentaries that you had to drive downtown to see on rainy Thursday evenings.  The sort of thing that never made it to television.  For me, the indictments were piling up and looked like they’d never stop.  They haven’t.

In our post-everything world, credibility of official sources would seem to be at an all time low.  Governments have always prevaricated, preferring to issue self-serving propaganda than fess up to what really went down.  Memoirs will hint that things have to be done this way, mostly because they always have been done this way.  Dark hints of enemies at the gates, spoiling to upset our tidy little apple cart should we but momentarily admit to a couple of rotten fruits, are always dropped.  Every kind of despicable and callously inhumane action is thusly justified.

The elites, despite their ever changing personnel, are utterly convinced that affairs will continue to be conducted for everyone’s benefit, only if they are the arbiters of policy.  Those excluded from the elite insist that their interests will never be considered and clamor for the end of the elite and its prerogatives.  I have come to the conclusion, after decades of observing and collating the apparent evidence for political manipulation and conspiracy, and considering it conclusive beyond any measure of doubt, that I am neither in the elite nor out of it.

Past life research has revealed to the “me” that is currently incarnate that “I” have played many parts in this ongoing evolutionary project here on planet Earth, and that all of them, regardless of their ethical standing, are important pieces of the puzzle which comprises your greater self (higher self/monad).  Those bad guys need the options provided by the planet’s free will mandate.  Selfishness, self-aggrandizement and vanity are all dead ends, but we have to travel down their roads to find out.  That power excites before it corrupts is now a given, but a number of us had to do the giving before it became apparent.  As we crawl to walk and then run, we have to be stupid before we are smart, but the life paths draped in ignorance and foolishness are just as useful as those radiant with the intelligence and wisdom that experience brings.

I used to chuckle at those Christians who seemed to be seeing evil at every turn.  I would say “Well then, who’s the Anti-Christ this week?”  Then for a while I thought maybe Dick Cheney actually was the anti-Christ.  Or maybe he and George W. took turns on alternate weeks.  Then I began posting my Maitreya videos and folk started accuse me of being some kind of activist for the Anti-Christ.  I’m not on Pat Roberston’s radar as yet, but you never know what’s around the corner.  Life on this planet does grow beyond the cop show simplicities of good and evil, but for those of us who have reached the dry land beyond such troubled waters, the waving and drowning of those still thusly enmeshed should not be a matter of mirthful ridicule, but a quiet been there done that recognition.

For the “me” that’s currently pleading its case in the courts of eternity and spiritual evolution, mysticism and metaphysics have pretty much won the day:  I have concluded that, as the Hindus say, I am that.  The essence of all beings and non beings is the same.  The divine spark, whether tended or ignored, burns within us all. Good and bad are two ways of moving about your death, as Dylan Thomas wrote.  And I would add, not only moving about your death, but negotiating the byways of your immortality, once you come to accept it.

But confronting your immortality:  that’s another blog.

your chum in eternity:  gordon phinn