Existence on this earth provides humans with the greatest number of possible experiences necessary to the growth of the spirit.  To descend into matter and make the most of our fabled ‘fall from grace’, we must make the journey in a variety of vehicles, exploring all the available routes, so that the Higher Self, that hotel where all your souls may commingle and commiserate, can accumulate all the information necessary to its educative completion, and graduate with pleasure to even more sublime adventures.  Therefore, those of us who are being served lunch by smiling waiters ona sunny patio and serenaded with sweet birdsong should not supppose, in the throes of either guilt or compassion, that those humans being hacked to pieces on an empty stomach, are not, in some way perhaps inscrutable to our conventional notions of education, benefiting from the bewildering drama of their squalid destinies.

For no matter which type of personality or stage of soul presents itself for prospective incarnation, there exists a specific life in a specific environment eminently suited to that condidate’s neds.  The courses in the school of life are infinite in number and scope, although availability is, in some cases, limited, at least in linear time.  Whereas, for example, there are only a few positions open for heads of state and millionaires at any one time, there are, of course, many openings for streets urchins and dirt poor peasants.  Those desirous of poverty and ignorance will never be at a loss for leeway.

However, those who seek liberation from the secure but inhibiting structures of religious and political institutions will also find many opportunities to pursue such a path in either developed or undeveloped nations.  You will find these organisations are only too willing to admit potential converts; in fact, their sense of well being depends on it.  Socialists, Liberals, Masons, Wiccans, Lesbians, Christians, from fundamentalist to esoteric, they’ve all got an agenda geared to growth and overcoming the Other.  You may feed their fires and stroke their deities for as long as you darn well please, but at some point or other, despairing of corruption, divine doubt will assail you and nudge your orbit into space.  As you erupt in giddy laughter you will be warned of the gravity of your situation.  This, of course, will only result in more giddy laughter, and your handlers will retire to hone a better prospect.

Those who wish a womb in a comfortable and happy family unit will find such a niche to be in no short supply, especially if you yourself have provided such an enclave for the convenience of others in the so-called past.  Equally, those who seek to sandblast the accumulation of the centuries’ grime from their personality structures to reveal something closer to the original purity of conception, need look no farther than the neurotic nuclear family, which provides many opportunities for just such a jolting ride.

If you seek the succour of power, there are numerous situations available for yearning souls to exercise this particular vanity.  Power over self, power over others, power over many others; all are useful in forging certain situations to ensure either the extending or submission of the will, for who can truly say whether the leader or the rabble does the rousing?

There are wars to join, causes to celebrate and then defend, territory to be reclaimed.  You can couple with the clamour, cooperate with any parcel of rogues wrapped in the flag and read your obituary later amidst the doleful auras of those who think you departed: this just before you look over a life lost the the desires of others.

You may enter a monastery or a menage a trois; you may make the most of at least some of your many inclinations.  Drown in flesh or drown in spirit, the excess is the same regardless of the stripes, and the upholstery of the palace arrived at is as wise as the serpent genuflecting for the dove.

Perhaps you wish to terminate your attachment to tribe or nation, knowing as you do that your path now lies with the development of your precious individuality.  Well step right up, there are still an almost endless number of tribes and nations who will admit you to their number by the mere fact of your birth, and then proceed to strip you, slowly but surely, of every vestige of expression that is unique to you as the model their clay version of the ideal citizen.  The resulting battle, between group conformity and individual impetus, is perhaps the greatest challenge many of you will face, and more than a few shall fall by the way, but the struggle is, by all accounts, well worth the prize.  The alchemist’s gold at the end of the rainbow ios reaching toward you, almost begging you to claim it, for it wants you there, gleaming with the rest of the golden eggs.

But relax friend, this gold is of the spirit, and therefore not in time.  For it there is no hurry, or indeed, lack of haste.  Like all inhabitants of eternity, it hovers discreetly in the background, rather like Anthony Hopkins in Remains Of the Day, always alert to the whims of your bidding.  Abide with me i deed, it says, abide with me in thought.  I am the changeless, the chirping eternity, patronizing your choice of slice in the desert tray of history.