Most of my work, both written, and shall we say for now, otherwise, is dedicated to awakening astral consciousness in the reader/experiencer.  Some of it extends beyond that, to the mental, buddhic and monadic levels, but the majority, so far, is all about awakening astral consciousness.  Why?  Because it is, for the majority of humans currently incarnate, the next step.

The next step being the expansion of sentience and understanding to that level of vibration where ordinary sight and hearing does not penetrate, that level where the soul wanders whilst the body sleeps, that series of areas where humans and animals have their being once the physical body is dropped.

We have, over the last several hundred years, learned to conquer the challenges and obstructions of earth conditions and the mother we call nature.  And what we have not conquered we have learned to live with.  More or less.  The list of our achievements in this area is long and much celebrated.  We have achieved the promised “dominion over” and now must learn to acquiesce as we begin to see that control brings with it many new understandings and responsibilities, not the least of which is the perception that sentience extends much farther and deeper than the fashionable ideologies of materialism, fundamentalism, scientism and vegetarianism will allow.

The notion of inanimate objects is a convenient fiction which fabricates comfort zones for the egos who believe themselves isolated from all that surrounds them, when in fact all life forms, including the apparently inert, exist on an energetic continuum which stretches and does not stop, from the tiny bacteria to the enormous star.  The chair on which you sit as you read acknowledges your presence, though perhaps in a language you have yet to recognize.   The carrot you pluck from your garden shivers in fear at your intention.  Its elementary consciousness clings to its form, just as most of you will on encountering your apparent demise.  All life forms are sacrificed for the longevity of others, including us.

All my work emphasizes the illusory nature of that apparent demise.  The many dramas of extinction are just that: dramas, passion plays full of rage and fury signifying, not exactly ‘nothing’, then merely the expression of their self-generated tempests.  This raging “against the dying of the light”, though praised by those perhaps too timid to thus unfurl, is ultimately pointless, as the light experienced later, and only slightly later at that, is infinitely brighter, warmer and more all-nurturingly enveloping than the anxious ego could imagine.  In my work I seek to convey this fact, not argue it.

As one develops astral consciousness one comes to see that physical plane consciousness is a useful but limited searchlight for a complicated map, one which illuminates appropriate details but leaves all else outside its beam in darkness.  Another development is the understanding of continuity and from that the knowing that beginnings are only pauses whilst we gather our attributes into provocative action.

If one allows the unfolding to continue, one can see that the other worlds are simultaneous with ours, and that the various planes, or spheres, of existence continue virtually unaware of the others, not unlike floors in a multistory department store.  Those in the lower astral are often so narrow minded and judgmental, habits continued from their earth life, that they have no thought for any others, either on earth or the higher planes.  Those in the paradise worlds are often so enamored of their pleasures and pastimes that their care for others is limited to ‘knowing how much fun they’ll have when they get here’.  To name but two.

In my work I encourage the reader to embrace those simultaneous levels of activity, and hopefully, come to understand that each has its function in the evolution of the soul, that each is carefully tailored to suit specific needs, and that all the learning curves have been measured and mapped by those who went before, and that those who went before are not necessarily heroic ancestors to be elevated by praise, but often earlier versions of you and me, who passed this or that way towards that far off goal of completion, a chapter of which may be the life you’re living now.