I have written extensively on the art and practice of retrievals in Eternal Life And How To Enjoy It and More Adventures In Eternity, and those of you who follow my Youtube postings  (www.Youtube.com/thewordofgord) will have seen several talks on retrieval work there.  There are many permanent astral residents and other consciousness projectors here on the physical who engage in such practice on a regular basis, some of whom recall the activity consciously, others who have the vaguest recollections, and yet others who recall nothing at all.  I seem to be in the middle somewhere, recalling some, forgetting others.  After one’s initial phase of involvement, during which one realizes what one is actually doing, the importance of actually recalling every instance diminishes.  One is satisfied to act in service to suffering humanity and feels no need to make a fuss about it.  It’s just one of your part time jobs.

Some of the work is undertaken in disaster scenarios, – fires, earthquakes, floods – and some in man-made destruction, such as wars and other criminal activity.  The point is mainly to get confused souls away from the scene of the terror and upheaval,  and help them in avoiding the fate, albeit temporary, of becoming an earthbound ghost, a specter who haunts that gloomy, misty, lonely area just beyond the physical.  There are various techniques used to break the attachments to place, loved ones and suffering, and move the souls safely into the reception areas of the afterlife realms where they can relax and be comforted by those astral helpers adept at the art.  As practiced retrievers we employ them all depending on the nature of the tragedy and the individual encountered.

Yesterday I felt the repeated impulse to meditate and project an aspect of my self into the astral space around the Norway mass shooting.  I seemed to arrive in the middle of the activity; some of the young people had already been moved on while others still cowered in the poses in which they had been shot.  I say cowered as the sudden shock of their dispatch in the midst of hysteria had left them tied quite closely to the poses of their now dead physical bodies.  Whether this reflected a skeptical materialist upbringing, with its resultant confusion about what actually, if anything, comes after, or a panic induced stasis I am not sure.  Perhaps an admixture of both.  It took some patient encouragement on my part to convince the eight to ten souls, as I now seem to see, that it was right and safe to come with me, away from the vibration of terror and carnage.

Whilst in process I did noticed the dark beams of, shall I say, anger and blood lust, reaching up from the hell realms vibrationally below, inspiring and trapping the shooters in their tenacity.  I should say that these same beams reach up and entangle in all crudely violent situations, from domestic disputes to drug gangs and war zones.  Sometimes you see them and sometimes you don’t.  Other retrievers were definitely about, doing their best, but as they always are in situations like these I did not pay much attention.

But as I was doing my part, much as I have done in the past, I felt the Monadic/Higher Self consciousness within and about me.  As I had not specifically requested its presence or assistance, it was an interesting change.  I seemed, or at least, part of the me who was out there doing it, to be well above and beyond both the tragedy and the compassionate activity around it. I seemed to have become part of what I might call the planetary consciousness, – beyond all desire, joy and suffering, and merely participating in the attachments of others.  I could see all the games we play and all the roles we assume as we pass through the stages of our growth to that plateau of accomplishment where we can gaze out onto the solar system, the galaxies beyond and contemplate the deliberate expansion of our cosmic being.

And now, as I put together the words you are reading, I seem to be back in the bosom of suffering humanity, feeling great sadness and sympathy for the many families so afflicted and seemingly condemned, for one knows such scars will not easily, if ever, heal, at least during this incarnation.  Growing in spirit expands the heart beyond the usual boundaries of self, family and tribe, leading us to understand that we are indeed our brother’s keeper, whether we like it or not.