I awakened this morning with the notion that I should write something called “Transcending Death”.  This was in the background, the deep background of a brain produced dream of having to return to high school to complete my education.  I knew from many past experiences that such minor anxiety and fear laden products are stamped out by the brain on an almost continuous basis and have little or nothing to do with the spiritual adventures we, spiritual beings in physical bodies, actually have while out of body at night.

The basic explanation of that is the astral body, mostly gone during sleep, returns before the awakening, hovers over the physical form and reinserts itself, so that the ghost really is in the machine.  The very fabric of the astral body contains the information of activity and perception accumulated during the sleep period, but as most folk have not completely tuned into the astral consciousness, its knowing is fragmentary and inextricably mixed in with the brain-manufactured projections of desire and fear, producing the usual mish-mash of intriguing images and feelings most folk experience in the early morning and at various moments during the day.

Many manage to isolate sequences which seem to transcend the regular fare and come to believe that they are truly out there meeting others who are truly out there, including the so-called dead, and having varied experiences in the spirit realms.  Some wander in paradise landscapes, some go to parties, some go to classes, some to devotions, some to sexual activity, some to swim and play and party.  Regardless of activity all feel rejuvenated in some way or other.  Even if you merely hover, trance like, in the astral body above the sleeping physical, as many do, you will be refreshed, to some degree, as even there, you are in the realm, albeit somewhat lower, of the astral and can benefit from its vibrations.

There are many ways to transcend the specter of death which hovers over our cultures, determining out life paths, attitudes and psychologies.  Recalling the fragments of astral activity during sleep is but one.  Sitting and witnessing with a loved one while they approach, through illness or aging, the transition, is another.  Reading the literature of the near-death experience, those visits to the other world which have been experienced by so many thousands, is another.  Attempting one of the several methods of inducing out-of-body experience, through meditation, ritual, dance, drumming, plant based shamanism, and so on, is another.  Consulting mediums for communication is another.  Reading the literature of psychic communications and automatic writing is another.  Paying attention, and not slipping into forgetfulness and denial, when a deceased loved one appears in your daily life, for however brief a visit, is another.

All these methods can achieve some measure of astral consciousness, which by its very existence, transcends the fear filled specter of death.  Anything which leads to a knowing that we continue despite all the odds preferred by a skeptical materialist society addicted to its dogmas, is an aid to such transcendence.  I have written, and can continue to write, of the spirit realms and their inhabitants who simultaneously exist on an energetic continuum with our own lives, and although this will aid in developing astral consciousness amongst its readers, there is nothing quite like a personal experience to fuel one’s appetite for eternity.  May I encourage you all to seek this transcendence by whatever method comes to hand.  It may only be a step on your spiritual journey toward planetary and galactic consciousness, but it is an important one.

When we all return, as most of us are bound to do, between 2075 and 2125 for our next incarnations, this transcendence will be all the easier as the vibrational increase bringing the physical plane much closer to the astral will be all but completed, but the greatest value lies in being part of the vanguard of transcenders, as your efforts are in fact on behalf of those who will come after, and as such you are serving humanity as well as yourself, surely the neatest trick of all.