That’s the you that’s reading this.  That’s the you living your life, enmeshed in your identity, family and society.  The you that copes and struggles and plays.  The you that was born and will die.  The you that made plans before arrival and will continue as a spirit in the ‘after’ of this life.

That you is an aspect of Higher Self (Total Self, Source Self, Monad), projected from one of the energy matrixes on the Monadic Plane, the ones who arrived here from elsewhere when invited at the ancient onset of Earth Development for Discrete Sentient Forms many millions of years in the ‘ago’ of linear time.  That ‘ago’ is more or less irrelevant to us as spirits in the spirit realms, where history is swallowed by the  reality of non-aging eternity, but is admittedly impressive to us here, seemingly trapped in the lockstep of growth and progress.

As a projected aspect of Higher Self, you are, or would seem to be, a miniaturized model of the complete being, a holographic representation.  Your share of its divine wisdom is there but rarely immediately apparent, as it is overlaid, veiled, and blocked by the knowledge necessary for the successful navigation of the physical plane, which in its early days was so fraught with pitfalls, predators and dangers, that any kind of survival, however brief, was considered a triumph.

This blocking of divine source was intentional; an experiment by planetary designers to create maximum darkness and distance from omniscience, to see just how ‘humans’ might cope and learn.  As Monads thus invited from elsewhere (Sirius, Andromeda, etc) we were intrigued and wished to challenge ourselves.

Well, of course, the little part of ourselves which arrived on the surface as primitive humans soon, if not immediately, forgot all that.  We became controlled by fear and convinced by separation.  We were the kids that divinity forgot, god’s pathetic orphans.  Belief systems were built from such foundations and became myths religions, philosophies and political economies.

Now, when Higher Self sees us, it sees divine beings lost in belief systems.  Systems like democracy, progress, agriculture, manufacturing, worship of prophets and gods.  It sees children playing, children frightened and ignorant, children educated and desirous, children mystified and lost in enchantments.  It knows the distance between its vibratory level and that of incarnation is so great that the production and avid consumption of sustaining belief systems is inevitable, and cannot, in this planetary system, be avoided.  It allows for the entanglements thus produced.

It waits patiently as we travel through ignorance and indulgence, poverty and wealth, allegiances to family, tribe, nation and religion, the pampering of vanity and pride, the walls of fear and isolation, moral turpitude and fervor, accumulation and disbursement of treasures, devotion to ideals and prophets, indulgence in the emotions, subjection to the intellect, service to self or humanity, attachments to hells, paradises and heaven.

It waits patiently because it knows our return, despite the entrapment of epochs and cultures, is inevitable, that we shall re-merge with the light, becoming, once again, a knowing wave in the ocean, completely at ease with the pull and push of tides, and utterly uncaring of destiny, achievement, meaning and immortality.