A good part of living the ascension, rather than merely talking about its possible presence and various processes, is directing your actions as if it were a living reality, so today when I passed a sign announcing a candlelight vigil/ memorial for the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I thought, here’s a perfect example.

Of course, everyone, depending on their evolutionary level and personal predilections, will experience the ascension to the light body differently, even if only slightly. But for me one aspect of the ongoing project is to understand, implicitly, that most of those victims have already reincarnated, some in the baby boom immediately after the war, when many more womb spaces were made available, and some a decade or so down the road, when their death traumas had sufficiently receded to allow the prospect of further challenges and suffering to be envisaged in their plans. Certainly some are still earthbound, as are many other world war victims, caught in some ever repeating cycle of terror and anxiety which spirit guides, try as they might. cannot yet penetrate to effect a release.

In the light body, invisible as it may be to ordinary sight, one’s intuition is activated and functioning. The challenge really is to remember that it is there, constantly, ready to illuminate if only you will let it. Exercising the intuition/light body, traditionally called the buddhic body, can give you that level of insight which Buddha shares with his soft indulging smile, for it leads you beyond the clouds of doubt to the clear sky of knowing, where nothing is hidden unless you wish it so.

And what exactly would one, already some steps along the inner journey, wish to hide? In my experience, both of my current “self” and those who come to see me for guidance and various facilitations,  it’s a mixture of dark past lives, where the drives of the lower chakras were exercised and the lustful adventures of egotism and ambition experienced, the deeper recesses of our cosmic sources which tell of much non-human experience, and the reality of the formless energy planes around this lovely planet, which are our source and succour, despite our attachment to bodies, relationships, thoughts and emotions.

Knowing that you are unbounded light, radiant in its essential nothingness, with nothing to accomplish and nothing to do that accomplishing with, can be something of a game changer, even for the conscious seeker or disciple, who usually wants to be of service to the perceived sufferings of an ignorant and oppressed humanity.  But living the ascension, in the light body which is its gift, can show you all this with an ease which perturbs the soul caught up in effort and enterprise.  We really do make up the rules of the games which we catch ourselves playing in those off moments when we forget to take ourselves seriously.