For those of us who see ourselves as a member of the new age community, coming to grips with what living the ascension process can mean is a regular challenge.  This new life that we aspire to can be almost transparent, such is its enigmatic nature.  Does living in the light body, mean, for example, being light?  Does raising your vibration mean altering your cellular structure and your DNA?  Does ascending mean leaving, or transforming and staying?  Each teacher and facilitator has their own take on these questions.  The only one I have settled on is the last, ascending means transforming and staying.

And that means transforming your old linear, limited, rational three dimensional self into a timeless, unlimited, multidimensional being of light who can be at ease with the knowing that all form, both bodily and otherwise, is temporary illusion, all relationships karmic in nature, all time and space a man-made measurement to facilitate the unfolding of our educative dramas.  And I say all this while affectionately watching white butterflies flouncing about the breeze blown shrubs out back.

I have come across various meditative exercises on my journey, some of which, in the daily rush and flux of our lives, can help in remembering this ascension we are caught up in.  One of them is to see the antakarana, that column of light which stretches up, thread-like, from  the crown chakra through all the levels of spirit to the Higher Self on the monadic plane, keeping us connected to our divine source at all times, whether we activate it or not.  Every soul incarnate on this plane has an antakarana thus stretching.  It is not something you create or attain, it is something you realize.  Higher Self is, of course, that group soul to which all your incarnations belong as card-carrying family members.

Meditating on your connection to Higher Self can reveal the many ways you have expressed yourself here and remind you of how small a part your current life plays in the overall drama of unfoldment.  Contemplating the antakaranas of everyone you see on the street as you move can aid in understanding not only the depth of our connection to the divine, but the extent of our busy denial of it.

Our Higher Self is always there, ready to communicate its unbounded love and wisdom to our self-limited conceptions.  We are all permanently sourced in the divine, not only when we choose to recognize it, just as all discarnate souls are continually living out their spirit lives and not only when someone close to us goes to join them.

Try it the next time you are walking, cycling or driving.  See everyone as a divinity who has forgotten their source.  See everyone as a benefactor of the unconditional love which animates the universe.  See everyone as a source of that love, regardless of their mood of the moment.  See yourself as a point of light in an ocean of light that is dreaming of a life as a human.  See it because it’s true; see it because you are.  For when you return to that ocean as a fully qualified survivor of the storms of incarnation and the rewarding charms of paradise, your existence here, your learning curve, will seem very far, very vague and very little to do with the bliss you’re embracing.