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As you move along your journey of inner exploration and growth you will inevitably come across mentions of the ‘Ascended Masters’.  Also called the ‘Planetary Hierarchy’, the ‘White Brotherhood’ and the ‘Secret Chiefs’ by various occult societies and mystical sects, this association of adepts has existed in one form or another since the inception of sentient life upon this planet.  Their purpose is to oversee the evolution of spirit in form, to shepherd the various flocks through the blinkered vision of various fears and belief systems to greater and greater measures of freedom and understanding, until, at last, they liberate themselves from all attachments and graduate from that long learning curve of lives.

I first encountered the myth of the Ascended Masters through the voluminous writings of modern Theosophy, – Helena Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Charles Leadbeater, Alice Bailey, Cyril Scott, and that rebel child of the movement, Jiddu Krishnamurti.  I term it a ‘myth’ not because I doubt it, but because, for the average man, they are about as real as the prophets and saints of foreign, ‘other’ religions.  And although my “I” this time around, Gordon, believes he has personally encountered more than one of this esteemed brotherhood, he cannot, in any way, prove it.  The small book of channelings from two of them, Jesus and Maitreya, yet to be published, but available in part on Youtube (under ‘wordofgord’), is as close as he can come.  And he humbly suggests you discern for yourself on this matter.  Gordon’s contacts, and ‘my’ identification with them, does not make either of us an elder brother of any kind, merely, as the ‘Tibetan’ says, in the Alice Bailey books of 80 or so years back, one who has walked only a little farther on the path than you yourself have, and reaches out to you with reports.

The Ascended Masters, those graduates from the Earth Life System, are tasked with many ongoing projects of a, may I say without smirking, cosmic nature.  Guiding the many rivers of man’s development, the arts, crafts and sciences of our engaged intelligences, is only part of the job, but perhaps the part we are most interested in.  For example, juggling the various, and often contradictory, energy flows throughout the solar system, much as the Devas of the upper atmosphere shape and direct the energies which produce our weathers, is another, often less regarded of their chores.

Ever since the publication of Alice Bailey’s Externalization Of The Hierarchy, in 1957, it has become almost a commonplace in the metaphysical/newage community to speak of the ever growing closeness of the Masters.  Contemporary writers, such as Doreen Virtue, will speak of them in an almost offhand manner, as though you might meet up with them at the corner store buying milk.

This development is, I believe, sanctioned by the Masters, as they wish us to move towards being co-creators from our roots as either ignorant deniers or devoted disciples.  They want us to understand that what they have achieved, as seemingly perfected beings, is quite within our grasp.  That although we are vain, ambitious, fearful and beset with the calamities of unworthiness, we can surmount the various obstacles and reach the home stretch with breath to spare.

And they want us to know that they are now available for consultations of a personal nature, just as your regular spirit guides always have been.  These consultations are, in ‘my’ experience, compact, intense, and fringed with humour.  In ‘Gordon’s’ experience their overriding concern is for the development of the brotherhood of man, and a planetary consciousness which sees us all as equals, a one world concept that favours no race, religion or elite, but recognizes that in achieving that goal, various of those groups will strive mightily for preeminence.  And they also know that such victories are bound to be temporary, as free energy and the power of creative thought establish themselves as realities on the physical plane, just as they always have been on the astral.