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“The afterlife is for everyone, and all you have to do to get there is die.”  I’ve been saying this for years, in conversation, in workshops, to clients come for a reading.  And despite a fatal attraction for the more vexatious subtleties of metaphysical speculations, I never really tire of it.  It is, when examined, the most sweeping and iconoclastic of statements, overturning all atheism, skepticism and all the ancient and respected religions you can name.

Almost everyone religious thinks the afterlife is reserved for their denomination or sect, and within that, only those who pass a variety of ethical and dogmatic tests.  Every skeptic thinks there’s no afterlife at all, that it’s all fantasizing based on fear of death.  Yet a couple of hundred years of recorded spiritualist communications testify to that simple reality, all you have to do to get there is die.  Wealth, fame, religiosity, piety, membership in any elite club or society, stacks of good deeds, genius or the lack of it, devotion to worthy causes, hard work in the salt mines, lazing about on the beach, refraining from sex or sloshing about in it, none of it matters ultimately.  Sure, certain habits produce certain karmic results, some of which are less than desirable, but none of them disqualify you, not forever.

Pick up the pieces, apologize, reform your behaviour, reorder your priorities and you’re ready for the paradise most suitable to your needs.  Indulgence in bad habits and anti-social behaviour, addictions and terrors, just lower your vibration to the point where you cannot even see the paradise about you.  You’re stuck in some stinky basement of your addictions and angers and the key to the locked door above is in your pocket if only you’d realize it.  The lower astral is basically a series of stinky basements filled with folk whose behaviour and belief system have kept them at the low vibration of negative emotions and thoughts.  It can be tough going down there, as I and others do while asleep here, trying to show them there’s much more to the afterlife than the dank, dark cold place they are in, for they believe it’s reality when it’s really just their thoughts and assumptions.

Unpleasant as they are, the lower astrals, the purgatories, are an integral part of the afterlife, as are the hell realms.  Again, all you have to do to get there is die, die with a certain attitude, a certain negative attitude.  The drug addicts, alcoholics, hateful racists and the formerly powerful and ruthless down there are joined by many strict, rule bound religionists who have sinned mightily, cast themselves as evil and thus unworthy of their heaven.  Sometimes throwing your arms wide and declaring that they are welcomed into the loving arms of Christ works, …and sometimes it doesn’t.  I get quite a few ‘get thee behind me satans’ on my rounds, as do others.  Some right here in graveyards, where folk passed, over a century ago, expecting to sleep until judgement day, and despite my entreaties, are still willing to wait.

The afterlife, in all its levels, starts right where you leave your physical body, standing in wonderment at your new gravity-free lightness, watching the sleeping or dead lump beside you.  It continues on, up through all the hells, purgatories, paradises and heavens, and every strange and unique subculture along the way, merging imperceptibly with the golden light of what some call the radiant void, where you disappear and don’t care.  It’s all the afterlife, it’s all spirit, and once you get the right frame of mind and heart you get the ‘access all areas’ pass.

That ‘right frame of mind and heart’ is a combination of unconditional love and lack of attachment to form and personality, that is difficult to describe in detail but quite obvious when you get there.  Personality, thought, ethics, cultures, histories, arts, sciences, religions, – they all fall away as you merge with the light.  And there, invisible, they remain, until you require more props for your next performance.

Is this the ultimate revolution, the final secret, the last unfolding, the pearl of great price, the alchemical wedding, the philosopher’s stone?  I would say so.