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On one level it is because I have no choice.  Once personally committed to the plan for humanity, the education of the soul in various and ever more complex forms towards some graduation from the human to the godlike, I could see no option to following the direction intuition pointed.  At first it was out of the body, about the house and then around the neighbourhood, those first giddy stages of astral fun, leading to adventures over oceans and mountains, deserts and cities.

Then you find the world of the dead on the next floor up as it were, and so many aspects seem so quickly familiar you wonder if your appearance there is as new as you assume.  Once settled to your nightly trips of fun and pleasure you find classes to attend.  One of them is helping out the earthbound ghosts, those sufferers of ignorance, guilt and shame who cannot, or will not, come to the light of paradise unless led, tricked or convinced.

Enthused by the challenge, at least I was, I plunged into the dramas, and sometimes comedies, of these souls adrift.  At some point I saw that I, and others like me, were in the business of serving suffering humanity.  During the day I lived the life of the self-directed intellectual, studying literature, philosophy, history, mysticism and all aspects of the esoteric.  My night time adventures intruded only slightly on my consciousness; enough to know I was out there doing and learning, but not enough to upset the applecart of consensus reality.  Feet on the ground, head in the sky.

This obe activity reached some kind of dizzying climactic expression in the winter of 1998/99, and resulted in my first book Eternal Life And How To Enjoy It.  Even though the book remained unpublished for another five years, I almost immediately stepped out of the closet and began giving public talks, speaking with a calm authority of the many details of astral existence and the reincarnation process.  I seemed able to answer all questions without hesitation.  What I seemed to know went far beyond what I had written in Eternal Life.  Was there some aspect of “me” which knew far more than “me”?  Surely it was Higher Self/Monad?  It was, sort of.  According to the Alice Bailey books, channeling “the Tibetan”, one of the ascended masters, it looked as though I was in the throes of the third initiation, where merging with Monadic consciousness is an important feature.  Though one is encouraged not to blab about one’s stage in the unfolding, it can certainly be noted that seeing life on the planet from the Monad’s point of view certainly dwarfed the worries and desires of “Gordon”.

Make no mistake, it’s taking the big view.

Shortly after the publication of Eternal Life in 2004 and while I was working up its sequel More Adventures In Eternity, I had a very vivid dream of channeling Maitreya, another of the ascended masters, in front of an orchestra in concert.  This I was not ready for.  Some deep meditations later, including a surprisingly lighthearted Q and A with Maitreya, on why?, why now? and why me?, I gave in to, what was, apparently, a pre-birth agreement and began channeling both him and his very close associate, Jesus.  On a couple of occasions I channeled them live in front of a small audience, but mostly I sat in a cafe with my laptop and typed.

After many encounters with earthbound ghosts and the happily passed-on, their thoughts seem significantly more provocative, elevated and horizon leaping than the joyful pleasure seekers of paradise.  Not to mention the bad tempered and grouchy in purgatory, or the foul mouthed, anger fueled haters of the hell realms.

Before a short chorus of appropriate quotes, let me allow Alice Bailey to unveil the depth of view and commitment these ascended masters hold.  In a section called “The New Group Of World Servers” from the book A Treatise On White Magic (1934), it is written, “After noting and watching this trend of affairs (the conditions of ‘concrete orthodoxy’ and ‘political differences’, the sectarianism of either Protestantism or Buddhism, and competing schools of philosophy) for another hundred years, the Elder Brothers of the race called a conclave of all departments, about the year AD.1500.  The object was to determine how the urge to integration,…, could be hastened, and what steps could be taken to produce that synthesis and unification of world thought, which would make possible the manifestation of the purpose of the divine Life which had brought all into being.  When the world of thought is unified, then the outer world will fall into a synthetic order.”

Take note of the six hundred year span, for that is the long view.

Now, on the plan for humanity from the same book:  “The Plan.  You might here ask, and rightly so: What is the Plan? …. It is the production of a subjective synthesis in humanity, and of a telepathic interplay which will eventually annihilate time.  It will make available to every man all past achievements and knowledges, it will reveal to man the true significance of his mind and brain, and make him the master of all that equipment, and will make him therefore omnipresent and eventually open the door to omniscience.”

After such provocative and all encompassing thoughts, you might well ask what “Gordon”, while channeling, might profitably add.  “I” asked the same question of Maitreya.  He answered that he wished to come through as many voices as possible, so that the notion that only special, elite groups and humans might speak for him might be quashed.   He wanted to come through any and all who loved him and wished to serve his message.

In June 2006, Maitreya said, “Whether men choose to fight or seek accord is often as simple as the toss of a coin, and we ask ourselves, should we use our power to change that toss of the coin?  We have disagreed on these matters before.  Although our energy is that of the love that overcomes all obstacles and seeks only to embrace with care and compassion, we are still like the board of a giant corporation.  We have our different points of view.  Some day in the distant futures of your journeys you too will see what a challenge it can be to guide an evolving species on a planet.”

On September 17, 2006, Maitreya said, “We in the Hierarchy, as it has come to be called, would love to see devotees of the various religions worship together with a common purpose.  The breaking down of ancient religious barriers to brotherhood is one of our prime goals.”

On September 26, 2006, Jesus said, “I am asking you to not only let love into your hearts, but also to let it flow back out freely, without any discrimination as to its depth or ultimate direction.  Call it kindness, call it empathy, call it mercy, call it laughter, but let it flow through you, carelessly and joyously, let it pass onward to all objects of scorn and areas of dispute.  Let it illuminate all your sadness and anger.  Allow yourself to become lost in its glorious mystery.  Send it on to your dear departed, where it can then spread throughout the heavens and hells and loosen the bonds of their attachments.”

On February 13, 2007, Jesus said, “To put it simply, we reinforce good behaviour but we do not repress bad behaviour.  Spiritual wickedness is its own reward, and the empires of wealth and power will never make any soul truly happy or fulfilled, but there are always souls who wish to experience this lesson.  They are, as you, free to be foolish; they are not, however, permitted to destroy the planetary playground before its time.  They may lay a temporary waste, but they cannot ever completely erase.  Be assured of this.”

On April 4, 2007, Maitreya said, ” Religions are planned and brought into being by various members of the brotherhood acting as prophets and messiahs.  Each prophet is, as you say, the ‘frontman’ for a behind-the-scenes organization, planning and directing the enterprise, usually but not always, from the spirit planes.  In this planning the evolutionary stage of each tribe and society affected is carefully taken into consideration.  Those who are to be lifted up are prudently assessed for their fears, prejudices and tractability, and whatever belief system enraptures them is used as a platform from which to launch a more enlightened worldview.”

These are a few snippets from the text, Jesus And The Christ.  In a note titled “How This Book Happens” I said, “I take dictation until the theme seems exhausted, and often feel myself glowing with the blessing of the higher consciousness involved.  To feel like a master, even the shadow of master, for a few precious minutes, is just about as marvelous as you might imagine.”