Today I read an email newsletter from one of the groups I belong to.  It is facilitated by a woman psychic/channel, and I identify her thusly because the theme I wish to pursue relates slightly more to women in the new-age movement than men.  It is common for teachers/facilitators to announce a level of “excitement” at some new development in their work and teaching.  Although it is undoubtedly aimed at building further excitement in their audience for revenue generating activities, I do sense that their own excitement is genuine.

Furthering our growth in consciousness, regardless of our level of advancement, will always be a wondrous and light filled experience, but “excitement”, being a vibration closely associated with the astral body, is a temporary and fluctuating emotional state, and for the purposes of spiritual development, not entirely reliable.  In this state we are like children running around at a party, squealing with delight.  Our joy in our new found abilities is infectious but needs to be monitored by adults lest we trip and injure ourselves.

That adult can be a teacher/facilitator, especially in the early ‘student’ days of our unfolding, but later it needs to be internalized, merged with the detached observer and formed into a calm, objective referee who monitors all inner activity and sees where the psyche is headed in its sudden and often unpredictable spurts of growth.  And as those spurts are most often felt in the astral body, our focus of emotions and desires, where external stimuli evoke strong reactions which can easily overwhelm the impressionable student, it is a wise move to refocus one’s inner work onto the mental body, where the subtlety and speed of thought precludes, more or less, the almost Dionysian dangers of excitement.

As “The Tibetan”, through Alice Bailey, puts it:  “This perfect poise is arrived at by ruling out the pulls, the urges, impulses and attractions of the astral or emotional nature, and also by the practice of what I earlier mentioned: Divine Indifference.”  He also suggests “Serenity signifies that deep calm, devoid of emotional disturbance, which distinguishes the disciple who is focused in a ‘mind held steady in the light’, despite a surface life which may be in a state of violent flux”  I trust these references point an appropriate finger.

Seeing a nature spirit, contacting the dead, healing the distant sick, embracing the angelic dimension, allowing telepathy to manifest, all of these are signposts on the way, not destinations to be celebrated.  The excitements of minor achievements, traditionally considered “mere siddhis”, distractions on the way to full enlightenment, where the perceiver blends with the perceived and the Many is exposed as the One, and the whole notion of effort and expansion fall by the wayside as baggage now useless, are best experienced as intriguing ripples in the tides of thought.

Aligning one’s will with the angels, though an achievement in our world of ego enthralled materialism, is nothing new.  The Brotherhood of Men and Angels, as Geoffrey Hodson so aptly termed it way back in the 1930’s, although much subverted by organized religions, has been a given of esoteric teachings for millennia, so whether you succeed in mastering John Dee’s 16th century angelic language, or just sit in your garden and smile inwardly with open-hearted love, you are, in fact, participating in an ancient ritual, once closely guarded and now an open book, blending your egocentric human energy with that of your personal angelic counterpart, sometimes called your solar deva (angel).

As one modern exponent, Vee Van Dam, expresses it, in The Psychic Explorer, “An individual human soul is created at the moment of individualisation, and behind this process is the Solar Deva, – a being who is already very advanced, having evolved in other times and places (planets and solar systems)”.  He describes a merging thusly:  “I felt my Solar Deva come up behind me, and she enveloped me with fluttering, soft yet powerful energies, which made me think instantly of wings  -energy wings! She then entered into my body, and then fused with it until we were One in consciousness – one being, standing in one place, yet on various levels simultaneously, her golden and silver light radiating around us.”

Such an exercise, while revelatory to some, is being initiated and practiced the world over in many guises, and I suspect, in perhaps a decade, will be almost commonplace.  While resisting the tired ‘been there done that’ reaction, I would suggest that such interactions be conducted in the mental body at the very least, and the buddhic body if you can manage it.  Entering into such a divine bargain in one ‘s astral body could be disastrous at worst and enervating at the very least.  The new age/esoteric/pagan/magick communities are awash in psychic wrecks who have indeed, “reached for the secret too soon”/blown their circuits/flown too close to the sun.

I strongly suggest you save your excitement for other, more earthly pleasures.