This morning I heard a news item on the radio that, in the rush of chores, I’ve half forgotten.  It concerned some execution of criminals long ago and contained the lines ‘they felt the executioner’s needle and then they felt no more’, or dramatic words to that effect.  As any psychic or spiritualist will tell you, this is blatantly wrong.  Executed prisoners experience acute feelings of one kind or another immediately after the ‘post’ of ‘post-mortem’.

There are many ways our society reinforces our illusory fears of mortality.  It happens so often, mainly in the media, that we barely notice.  Is it because the media industries, newspapers, magazines, radio and television, tend to attract and produce that seen-it-all, prove-it-to-me cynicism?  I think so.  I suspect that it is the drive to career success, with its concomitant shaftings of perceived competitors, and the necessary armoring of the sensitive psyche which drastically reduces one’s compassion and idealism as it installs the warrior mode program for professional achievement.  While warriors fight each other for the prize of preeminence on the pyramids of power they are also fighting their fear of mortality.  This secondary struggle is buried beneath the first, where it usually remains undiscovered and unchallenged.

All organized religions, in their utterances, will emphasize the eternal life which lies beyond death, although there is very often the implication that it is only true believers of their persuasion who have rights to the prize.  So although it seems that only Spiritualism which attests to an afterlife for all, regardless of race, creed or status,  I cannot ignore the positive effects that religious utterances concerning eternity can have on despairing materialist societies.  They are, at least, a reminder.

It remains the media, with its birth in newspapers centuries ago, which repeats the mantras of mortality, as indicated above.  Watch for examples every day, for they subtly reinforce your doubts and fears, making your journey towards the light of understanding more uphill than it really has to be.  You have plenty of your own issues, you don’t need those of the journalist, newscaster and witty pundit as well.

Let the wisecracking dead bury the dead.