I first discovered the idea of mass retrievals in the early books (’91-’93) of Marilynn Hughes, Odysseys Of Light and Crystal River Flowing.  Amongst her many obe adventures there were encounters with a group of astral beings, either permanently ‘dead’ folk or others, like herself, exploring the obe state whilst ‘alive’.  She joined them as they toured the planet looking for natural disasters and the subsequent mass of victims, many of whom did not know they were dead and were trapped in their attachment to a physical body under rubble or water.

Later, around 1998, I discovered my own involvement in such activity and placed my reminiscences into Eternal Life And How To Enjoy It.  Long before that book was published in 2004, I came across Bruce Moen’s first two books, where he detailed his participation in earthquake retrievals.  Further activities of mine were included in my second book, More Adventures In Eternity, and more recently this blog has recounted my experiences at the recent mass shootings in Norway.

Having just discovered some forgotten disaster retrieval notes from 2008, notes which convey the moment to moment experience rather well, I shall copy and paste them here:

Burma and China:  May2008

 First night of Burmese cyclone, felt call when obe and answered it.  Not any kind of noise but a knowing. Move instantly as sphere/beam of light to source of “call”.  Thinking is not involved; direct perception and immediate action are the modes in use.  Arrived without quite knowing where I was and received instructions.  Was one of many spheres of light “listening”.  Found myself quickly down there floating around waterlogged and mostly destroyed tropical landscape.

From my “vibrational level”  I retune into the frequency of the new ghosts that are now floating aimlessly above their discarded bodies and quickly become a authoritative male figure from their culture who directs them to follow his instructions.  With only a minimum of background explanation.  Most know they are dead but are stunned by the sudden violence of their passing and the confusion of not knowing which family members are “here” or back “there”.

I shepherd various groupings “up” a couple of levels to the refugee style camps that always seem to be ready for such mass evacuations.  Huts and tents and groups around fires are set on a lush looking plateau on the edge of a forest beneath some impressive mountains.  Efficient and friendly organizer types come  to relieve me of my loads and I quickly disappear back to earth.  This process goes on all night, just like all the other disaster scenarios I’ve “worked”; been at this long enough now I’m left on my own to do as best I can within the chaos of the situation.  Of course there are the usual heart rending scenes of grieving parents who cannot link up with children and won’t follow me as requested.  I leave them for later; there’s too much to do right now.  It’s more important to get as many souls away from their dead bodies and tormented psyches, and avoid the mass hysteria that can easily result if enough unrelieved craziness is allowed to gather in one place for too long.  Frenzied stampedes only make matters worse, even a this level.

Find myself swimming underwater to look for souls still attached to their drowned forms, some of which feel trapped under twisted vegetation and huge trees. Sudden death and over-identification with the body can trap souls for quite some “earth time”.  There are various psychic tricks to shock such spirits out of their hypnotized ignorance, but they are not resorted to until several nights later when the main clearing up operations are over.

Many hundreds of earth based helpers are coordinated during these nights when they are physically sleeping.  Permanent astral dwellers seem to always know when disasters are about to strike and have the necessary situational props ready.  Almost as if it were a movie and the sets are wheeled out of some giant warehouse just in time.

The emotional and psychic chaos of these scenarios are shouldered by the helpers from both sides of the veil, and many of us awaken later with various combinations of sluggishness and  gloominess to cope with.  There are what I can only call multi-coloured showers of light that one can be immersed in on the astral plane that relieve one’s spirit of all this stress and the treatment works so well others  who normally have vivid dream recall, awaken to a blank slate which truly puzzles them.

We’re still working the Burmese situation when the China earthquake occurs.  Much the same mass evacuation scenario recurs, with many of us wondering just how much more we can take.  Though the physical strain of the firefighter, say, is absent, the psychic strain of dealing with so many crisis maddened souls can and does take its toll.  Not that we have much time to talk things over, but one picks up the vibe telepathically, believe it or not.

One makes the sacrifice because one has earlier made the commitment.  If one wishes to be let off the hook for a night or two, there always seems to be plenty of others to take up any slack.  As I have been Chinese a few times in the distant past, I manage to remodel myself with barely a thought.  With this situation we are dealing more with bodies trapped under collapsed buildings and the souls within them believing they are their bodies, which of course they are not.  We do our best to convince them to separate and move on.  Split families around collapsed schools bring many a headache.  Many of the dead children opt to stick around and commune with the grieving.  From our viewpoint not the best choice, but we must cede to their exercise of free will.

These soul rescue efforts continue: May21st

If any of you feel a resonance here,  a sense of ‘I know what this is about’ or ‘This doesn’t seem strange to me’, then I would suggest that you are yourself participating in such obe activities, but not yet recalling them consciously.  This is not uncommon.  Many of you are unconscious students of spiritual expansion, choosing that form to keep your daily life settled and acceptable to the consensus reality.  Not everyone cares to stand up and be counted.  Some of us have careers and families who could not accept such radical departures from the perceived norm.

So if you get a sense that such a silent dilemma is yours be assured that we who consciously participate and go out of our way to “kiss and tell”, do not, in any way, hold it against you.  The ascension energies which propel this and other projection activities wafts your boat across the lake whether your sails are unfurled or not. And for those of you who are intrigued but shy, I would suggest putting out your willingness to be trained as an offering to the universe every night before going to sleep.  The message will be received and acted upon.