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I have just finished viewing a large portion of the interviews conducted for the dvd “DMT: The Spirit Molecule”, developed from the book of the same name by Rick Strassman, who conducted a lengthy study, in a controlled hospital situation, on the effects of DMT and Ayahuasca.  This comes on top of many years of anecdotal evidence supplied by experiencers, either in congenial home settings or under the tutelage of Central or South Shamans.

Whereas the effects of psychedelics such as psilocybin (mushrooms) and LSD tend toward the radical alteration of the experiencer’s perceptual fields (visual, aural, tactile) and provide an understanding of the parameters of this world being almost completely determined by the individual’s perceptual mechanisms and how those mechanisms can be so easily adjusted from whatever was supposed to be the norm, plant entheogens like DMT can take the experiencer to a completely other location in the space-time continuum.  These would seem to include deep space, far beyond the atmosphere of Gaia, and varied locations in the non-physical realms, some of which are recognizable to psychic projectors and out of body travelers, and some not.

I was struck, somewhat amusedly, by one woman who stated that after finding herself in deep space during her experience, had, that afternoon, to help conduct a grade one field trip.  This reminded me of my many experiences of consciousness projection, either during meditation or released by sleep, when the wonders of multidimensionality and ever unfolding creation, are quickly replaced by either dazed stumbling towards the bathroom or sudden and irreversible engagement with mechanical and electrical equipment or strangely awkward encounters with one’s fellow citizens

Almost all communities on the planes of form, physical and non-physical, have been created before we arrive there, sometimes centuries or millennia before.  Not that ‘before’ has much traction in the non-physical.  Certainly it is possible for a group of like minded iconoclasts, dissatisfied with what’s already on offer at their arrival, to create small new communities on one of the planes, but mostly folks can find an approximation of their desires already existent somewhere on the astral.  There are Buddhist communities, Baptist communities, gay villages and artists colonies, to name but a few.  But on the astral it is somewhat easier to notice how communities depend on the continuous thoughts of their inhabitants to sustain their reality.  They were formed by earlier applied thought patterns of deceased humans and need to be sustained by the continuance of the pattern.  Like physical plane communities decayed from lack of care, they will decay through lack of loving thought, although the inhabitants, ignorant of their local reality, will often not recognize the need.

Compared to the clownish, elfin beings of the DMT trance, whose forms and locations in the continuum seem malleable in the extreme, so malleable they can, and do, disappear in a flash, leaving behind their information overload to be diced and chewed on by the dazed experiencer, talking to the human dead is almost dull by comparison, but ultimately no different.  Not really. Of course there are wildly intelligent human dead and appallingly ignorant human dead. One can easily be persuaded that one is communicating with one’s assumptions, projections and expectations.  Some try to escape this by accumulating ‘evidence’.  Piling up verifiable facts seems to work for them, but for many it is the suspension of disbelief for the duration of the movie that is the key.  As John Keats wrote, “the holiness of the heart’s affections and the truth of imagination.”

In reality, at least in terms of our cycle of rebirths, incarnation is the original suspension of disbelief.  After contractural negotiations with our guides and other karmically relevant parties, we agree to enter a movie and play a part, a part that has no actual script but is improvised according to the needs of the moment.  From spirit it all looks spectacularly unreal, the suffering gruesome, the dramas daft with ego drives unchecked, so we suspend our disbelief for the duration.  It is a movie with an ending and we know that before beginning.  We know that the chances are high that we will act as foolishly as those we observed from spirit, but we need to walk a mile in their shoes.

If, as a psychic projector, one chooses the realm of the non-human to explore, there is much to experience.  The spirits of nature can and will respond to curiosity appropriately expressed, some through language, some through feeling, some through what I can only call energy.  Devas and angels are also available to those who would challenge their assumed unworthiness.  The book Portals and Corridors by Monica Sue-Whitney and Gary Whitney indicates the large number of non-physical sentient beings of fluid form and indefinable nature there are to be encountered, should one have the nerve.

Once out of the One, the Godhead, the radiant void, there are innumerable beings of sentience and intelligence moving along their evolutionary paths of learning and expression.  You don’t have to communicate with them.  Your incarnation will continue and perhaps flourish in their absence.  Progress can still be made in the comfort zone of your village.  The community that shares your belief system will provide plenty of experiences for what I have already called your ‘educative completion’.  Yet moving away from the physical vehicle and exploring the antipodes of consciousness will prepare you for even greater adventures once the responsibilities of family and state are rendered.  There are many dimensions that our consciousness is connected to, each one of which holds mysteries and enigmas to be unraveled and absorbed, not the least of which is the discovery that consciousness itself is the vibrational medium out of which those dimensions are created and sustained.

Guess what, …the beings, the dead or not-so-dead, the communities, the landscapes or lack of them, the planets, the spirit planes, angels, powers and principalities, …it’s all  made from the same stuff.