I recently attended a talk by Richard Dolan, one of the most respected of current UFO researchers.  I have read his books with great interest and admiration, and watched several of his speeches at various conferences, courtesy of Youtube, that great disseminator of information.  I was not only pleased to be in the same room as him, but was curious to see what the latest developments were on that mysterious and secretive front.  For, as anyone who has followed this avenue of unfoldment over the last few decades, it is plain that despite the unstinting efforts of independent researchers, much remains securely hidden beneath the many layers of government and intelligence agency denial and obfuscation.

I was curious for several reasons, one of which was the possible updating of this essay of mine from many years ago, an essay resulting from my deep reading of the then available literature and immersion in a UFO discussion group where we often met up with researchers, contactees and abductees.  In the sixteen or so years since this work found expression the developments have been as follows:

(1)  A flood of information emerging through the internet, most of it in the video format, an increase in the willingness of eyewitnesses, many in the employ of the government and military, to come forward and testify openly, rather than the backroom scuttlebutt of anonymous and untraceable quotes so common in the sixties and seventies.  Much of this is gathered under the auspices of what we have come to know as The Disclosure Project.

(2)  An sharp increase in the number of whistleblowers emerging out of the many secret government/military research and development programs.  The revelations of these whistleblowers stretch the boundaries of belief into the realms of science fiction: mixed teams of human and alien scientists engaged on the same projects,  some of which are undoubtedly related to genetic hybridisation; instant teleportation from bases on Earth to bases on Mars; regular interaction between alien groups and unelected human government authority figures; much experimentation, some of it successful, in the development of alternate, ‘free’ energy sources, which often gets ‘parked’ until practical avenues of monetisation can be planned and developed.

(3) An increase in the reports from remote viewers and out of body travelers, some of it verifiable, some of it falling into the ‘accumulation of anecdote’ category.  For example, when I, some years back, mentioned on a radio show that I, while obe and in the form of an ‘orb’/sphere of light, had visited the human/alien base on the dark side of the moon, within a couple of weeks I heard of two confirming reports from other remote viewer/obe sources.

(4) An increase in the number of channeled sources, where various visiting alien groups express their hopes, fears and advice for humanity, often in the direction of becoming full fledged members of one or other galactic brotherhood.

With all this in mind, let me return to the earlier versions of this essay (2000 and 1996), which are, I feel, amongst other things, an amusing history lesson.

(2000)  In the four years since this essay was first conceived and carved out from the amorphous mass of alien abduction reports, the craft of cloning functioning bodies has drawn ever closer to out keen yet contemptuous hearts.  The Human Genome project gathers speed and spits pride in the face of its impassioned critics.  We stare with stuttering pride into Frankenstein’s mirror.  What we make of ourselves, in this next major stride, is what we deny in them, our interplanetary shadows, as we shift and shuffle the biological entity.

In two years or less the deed will be done, I read just the other day.  A human will be cloned, that soon.  An immensely reverberant statement for anyone who has been following mankind’s process through the waves of civilization and savagery.  And as anyone who has followed the cloning and hybridization saga of The Greys will know, the first generation will not be, shall we say, the most successful one.  According to the information channeled by Lyssa Royal some years back, the hybrid race is a biological success, but not just yet.  An entity called Bashar has traveled four hundred years backwards in time to assure us of this.  I don’t know about you, but I’m quite relieved to hear the whole mess is going to sort itself out one day.

And although activity continues apace and unawares on the planet’s epidermis, this shift of cosmic proportions proceeds largely unremarked.  Well, let’s face it friends, that’s how denial works.  Our modus operandi: publicly deny what we cannot face while projecting our fantasies about it onto our movie screens, where we bloom in the dark and absorb.  The result: the furniture gets moved, some landscape rearranged, and we go about our business remarking on the weather.

(1996)  When I completed the bulk of this essay some months ago, I felt an obscure urge to wait.  I thought what I wanted was some relevant and timely piece of news to help persuade my audience that the genetic experimentation reported by many abductees was not so far removed from what our own scientists have been trying out on other, and supposedly lower, life forms  I had received a first clue early on in my research.

Some years ago, before the insertion of long hollow needles into the uteri of pregnant woman to determine possible chromosomal damage or foetal gender was commonplace, abductees reported a very similar procedure being conducted by the aliens we have come to call The Greys.  My second clue was the seeming efficacy of the aliens ‘tagging’ procedure.  According to studies conducted by Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs, there was nothing an abductee could do to avoid capture.  Changing homes, moving from state to state, hiding out at a friend’s place, – nothing worked, they were always discovered and taken for the few hours necessary.  The aliens would brook no interference in the pursuit of their goals; tape machines and video setups were always immobilized.  I don’t know about you, but it all sounded like very determined, focused scientific seriousness to me, without perhaps all that bothersome PR work around grant renewal time.  No senate sub-committees for these guys.

So when, on February 27th this year, the Globe and Mail headlined ADULT MAMMAL CLONED SUCCESSFULLY, I whooped with joy, for this was exactly what I needed.  “It means all of science fiction is true, said Professor Lee Silver.  “They said it could never be done and now here it is, done before the year 2000.”  By isolating and manipulating strands of DNA in a new way, Dr. Ian Wilmot, an embryologist from the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, had cloned a sheep.  Earlier efforts, performed elsewhere with mice and frogs, apparently failed.  But, as is often the case, anew strategy (ignoring the proteins which coat the DNA cell surface and focusing on cycles of replication) succeeded.  Can cloning of humans be far off, worried the ethicists.

Our species success in genetic engineering was staring us in the face.  Surely this could be the first small step for mainstream acceptance of The Greys and their genetic engineering experiments on us?  Or at least a recognition that we’re running in the same race: created beings trying to be creative gods.

Now for those unwilling to accept the existence of alien life forms visiting this planet, the choice is simple, for their denial defeats any point of comparison.  And like all previous societal denials (genocide, sexual abuse, alcoholism, etc.), it enables them to continue their routines in that bliss which only ignorance can nurture.  But for those of us who are ready to acknowledge the presence and industry of biological entities positioned in space and performing through time, the options are profuse.

We can, for example, wonder who they are.  Now this question of alien identity, as if not perplexing enough, is inevitably complicated by the question of human identity.  Just who, exactly, are we?

Upstart apes?  Patronized peasants?  Enslaved serfs?  Rebels snared in sin?  Sons of God?  Angels in disguise?  Spirits in a material world?  Holographic projections from the fourth dimension?  The ultimate illusion?  The only answer?

As we can see, there have been , historically, many ways of answering this, each method being. perhaps, most suited to the questioner’s purpose.  Since my purpose is to show the many similarities between aliens and humans, I have found that the study of behaviours indicating predominant archetypal characteristics is the most useful in this context.

We ask ourselves the questions we have asked throughout the ages: these mysterious visitors, who used to come from beyond the sea or mountain, and now issue from beyond any easy definition, do they mean us harm, do they come in peace, have they come to trade, do they want our women, what on earth have they done to their faces?  We worry about the children, we fret over national security, we wonder how they mate, or if they mate at all.

There are now, as of 1997, sufficient reports of alien behaviours to summarize them by type.

(a)  The Pure Scientists: these observe and study without overt interference.  Although some of our scientists will persist in the fallacy that such endeavours can be conducted without altering that which is studied, I suspect this type understands the notion of observer effect and contamination and allows for it.

(b) The Applied Scientists: these conduct what they see as interesting and necessary experiments, mostly genetic and psychological in nature, to further their own understanding.  They have convinced themselves, as we do when confronted with rodents, insects and the like, that we are the lesser life form and that any contact with them can only benefit us.  They offer several ideologies which underline this attitude, none of which can be verified by us in our current state of evolution.

(c) The Tourists:  these arrive/incarnate/walk in with appropriate and convincing body types, and with the help of sympathetic earthlings, experience life among us as one of us, the immersions being as useful to them as their human facilitators.

(d) The Anthropologists: these study our societies in a similar manner to their earthbound compatriots, and offer up, by way of channeled entities, criticism and advice of the astute social worker variety.

(e) The Good Samaritans: these hang around in spirit and offer help where help is requested, much in the manner made traditional by our own angels.

(f) The Viking Raiders: rape, pillage and disrupt, just like the redheads of old, often with a dying planet sob story as an excuse.  Do what they like and don;t give a damn what we think.  Technopunks of you like.  They are not respectors of what we think of as the dignity of the individual, and, as such, are much like secret police and intelligence organizations worldwide.  If you;re on their agenda, watch out.  Declining an invitation is not acceptable.  Have programmed out of their consciousness such experiences as individuality, compassion, spontaneity.  They operate with a hive mentality: the good of the hive is their ultimate god.

(g) The Landlords: apparently we owe them a lot of back rent.  Worse than squatters at a banquet, we’re not much more than a gardening experiment gone haywire.  They insist we’re just seeds shaken out of their sack on a windy afternoon some epochs back, and are about as useful as weeds choking the roses.

(h) The Missionaries: convinced they’re on a mission from God and destined to save us from ourselves, they lecture us like Old Testament prophets on our sinful and error filled ways, while radiating the tremors of dire catastrophe should we choose to ignore their fiendish flattery.  At their most charming they combine the smug social worker, the prosletizing priest and the radical environmentalist into a metaphysical fireball of fearsome proportions.

(i) The Diplomat-Administrators: assure us they’re part of some galactic or intergalactic council concerned with out welfare, especially as we’re about to emerge from the local neighbourhood with sticks and stones at the ready.  They also suggest that we, with the proper preparations, may participate in these galactic council meetings.  These preparations seem to center around consciousness adjustment on an individual basis, something which will allow that soul to appear in the appropriate  vibrational context and experience the consequent exchange of information.  Whether this turns out to be any more significant than an afternoon spent in the visitor’s gallery at your local house of parliament remains to be seen.  And the whole notion brings us the old metaphysical question: does change occur because a self-appointed elite enacts legislation upon a community it supposedly represents, or was change ‘in the air’ anyway?  I would suggest, in this context, that neither the leaders nor the rabble does the rousing, but that it manifests spontaneously from the mists, creating the effects we suppose are its cause.  As for the more occult notion that as elect group of initiates encourage change by subtle mental influence, I would remind you that every level of consciousness, no matter how exalted, has another, more refined level, beyond it.  To refer to another tradition: no one controls the Tao; rather, we are all swept along within it.

In many ways we are much like a ‘lost’ tribe of natives, whose ten thousand year undisturbed peaceful co-existence with nature in some remote valley has been finally penetrated by explorers and anthropologists, opened up/enslaved by merchants and missionaries, nearly leveled by adventurous industrialists, plight broadcast by the media and then saved at that last minute by radical environmentalists.  In the end we’re neither better nor worse off, we’ve merely had our horizons expanded.  The evolutionary life force, (which may indeed be the long arm of God goading us) through the emboldened self-interest of its pawns, has obliged us once more to recognize and adapt to change.

Like their earthly counterparts, all these characters gather with like minded colleagues to further the goals of their important agendas.  And since I am defining agendas as the shopping list of desires for created beings on their evolutionary careers, bodies on the go as it were, I would humbly suggest that we neither fear nor worship these other strains of DNA, these other aspects of spirit made manifest, for they are just like us, indeed are us, fellow travelers on an endless journey to nowhere in particular, light limping through shadows to light, each stooping to prod and examine those intriguing tidbits that litter the way.