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Ever since my initial involvement in esoteric spirituality and new age matters in general, I have always been drawn to the cutting edge.  There was a time, approximately the early seventies, when communicating with devas to gain insider knowledge of nature and her processes (Findhorn), considering the channeled wisdom which said everyone who dies in plane crashes, bombings or tornadoes actually planned or agreed to do so before the event (Seth), or the wild possibility that even karma was an illusion, that as long as you forgave yourself completely between lives there was no need to work off old bad karma (Ramtha), was the crazy, what-are-you-kidding, edge of a movement which generally went in for, and still does, for cheesy nostrums and tired platitudes, many of which seemed to be inherited from the organized religions we were all so busy poo-pooing.

Yes friends, there was a time, way back before Glasnost, aids and the oil wars, when pastors and priests were bible thumping blowhards and not deceptive, unrepentant paedophiles, and evangelists lying, drug-snorting bisexual fraudsters.  I think now it must have been just before we fully realized that intelligence agencies were gangsters on the government payroll, but it is all a bit hazy now.  The information overload of the internet age has tended to put all print dissemination of knowledge somewhat in the background.  Still, we struggle onward and upward, hoping our efforts will not prove as pointless as our laziness.

So what is cutting edge now, you ask.  Well there is much to be impressed and amazed by, to be sure.  In science and technology as well as spirituality.  But I’d like to focus on life-between-life regression and the orb phenomenon.  Orbs and their photographic representations seem everywhere now.  It is not so long since the first orb was filmed spinning around a newly laid crop formation, but since the footage had been anonymously and mysteriously dropped off at some news agency, we, the crop circle fraternity, smaller in that pre-internet age, thought we smelled the rat of government disinformation and were loath to accept it.  A few seasons later, with the commercial market for camcorders exploding, we had many more examples, too many to pass off, and a few years after that, orbs were being caught on film at children’s parties and being passed about among family and friends.  The then new digital cameras were seen as the culprit, and many months were spent debating expanded light spectrums and whatnot.

Now you can spend all day watching orb videos, reading orb books and trying to catch the little rascals yourself about the house and garden.  Increasingly they come in many colours, textures, patterns and shapes, and a significant portion of the aware population can see them from time to time with the naked eye.  Some psychics claim to be able to distinguish them on an individual basis, saying some are dead pets, some angels, some disembodied human spirits and some fairies.  In  a startling experiment some years back I myself channeled them for a friend who felt their presence around him on a regular basis.  At one point one said (telepathically) “We’re elementals with attitude!”  ‘Elementals’ is, of course, the term, in traditional esoteric teachings, for those spirit forms less complex and less evolved than ourselves, who are, it is believed, desperately attempting to evolve by associating with higher, more sophisticated beings like us.

In his 1953 book, The Kingdom Of The Gods, theosophist and researcher Geoffrey Hodson makes a key comment that is most instructive to this puzzle.  In Chapter Four, ‘The Lesser Gods’, he introduces nature spirits (fairies, gnomes etc) as beings on the “lower rungs of the ladder of the Angelic Hierarchy”.  Having earlier established his active clairvoyance, he goes on to say, “My observations suggest that nature spirits use two distinct forms.  One of these is the permanent astral body and the other a temporarily materialised etheric vehicle.  The astral form consists of a spherical, many coloured aura, surrounding the delicate, force-built fairy-form within.”  Is this not a description of an orb?

The actual fairy forms, familiar to us from folklore, are assumed to give “an added sense of individuality” to an entity which “is normally unselfconscious”  whose  consciousness is “diffused throughout the group”.  It also gives “an increased vitality and vividness of life by attaining closer contact with the physical world, both during seasons of plant germination, growth and full development, and in bright sunshine.”

He goes on to say that this form gives “experiences which provide pleasure”, which, in turn, ushers them into the etheric level where”they become more easily visible and are more generally first seen.  There they dance, play, see each other, and human beings to some extent, imitate them and on occasions become attached to those sufficiently sensitive to respond to their presence and even communicate with them.”  I believe the above lines give us a bridge of understanding from the pre-orb era, a bridge that can definitely be seen as independent verification.

In the field of life-between-life regression, which is really the cutting edge of past life regression, many enigmas are being unwound.  Choosing both the circumstances and challenges of our incarnation is one.  Almost all experiencers will go into detail about pre-birth strategising concerning family, society and life plans.  Another less commented upon issue is the notion that we take only a portion of our overall soul energy into incarnation.  As Andy Tomlinson writes in Exploring The Eternal Soul (2007), “Deliberate decisions are made about how much energy is brought into incarnation when returning to the physical realm.  This enables some energy to merge with the physical body and the remaining soul energy to operate in the spirit realms.”  Later he mentions that “while the average soul might bring down somewhere between fifty and seventy-five percent, a more experienced soul may bring down s little as twenty-five percent.”  On the levels of energy left behind Tomlinson comments that “the higher the level of energy left behind, the more active it is able to be in the light realms.”  This certainly jives with my own experience of ‘soul aspects’ operating quite independently of physical plane Gordon: sometimes they operate as lookalike Gordons, sometimes quite radically different though still human, and sometimes as orbs.

In a 1935 book by Cyril Scott, the British composer and writer, called An Outline Of Modern Occultism, a fine little primer for any of you starting out I might add, there are the following sentences at the opening of the chapter ‘Soul Memory And Karma’, – “It is essential to realize that with the majority of individuals self-consciousness only manifests in part through the physical body,  Indeed, the soul possesses a consciousness altogether independent of the physical organism, and merely ‘puts through’ a measure of that consciousness during incarnation.”

I had bought and read this book decades ago, long before the current life between life research studies.  I certainly had an Aha! moment some months back on rereading.  And today I offer up these observations as one more indicator of that underground stream, or streams, of esoteric teachings coming to us from Ancient Egypt down through the centuries of repression and ignorance, and only recently resurfacing to our amazement and delight.