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Teaching access to the god consciousness is not my only path as a facilitator, but it is one I feel especially cut out for.  Something that, in the early days of my awakening, in this incarnation, I grew to be quite passionate about.  It felt to me, particularly after the writing of my second book, “More Adventures In Eternity”, that it was a major life task, one that “I” had held over, in abeyance, since Ancient Egypt, when I learned the hard way, in the struggles of competing priesthoods, that many stood to lose status and career if such a path was laid open to the masses.

I learned, mainly through guides in the afterlife ‘phase’ of that Egyptian priest incarnation, that such a impassioned vocation, was ultimately out of place in that highly evolved yet spiritually restrained culture.  Only a few were actually ready for such radical innovation.  The divine will of the mass expressed itself, ultimately, much as voters do in elections, in favour of, deference to, and dependence on, priesthoods.  Priesthoods as revered elites of functioning intermediaries.  Elites with specialized access to the divine.

But for a short interlude in ancient Britain, where as a Druid priest “I” understood and imparted such esoteric teachings to students, the last two thousand odd years have been spent in the shadows of such teachings, while the dark ages of organized religion, with its ruthless repression of anything even resembling dissent, held sway.

Now, in this new millennium, we have, at least some of us, the freedom to pursue spiritual exploration, both as teachers and students.  And what a joy it is, to observe a roomful of seminar attendees as their consciousness, under guidance, moves out through the crown chakra, up the antakarana, through the many planes of spirit, the many spheres of post-mortem and obe activity, and on through the formless energy planes to the Monadic level, where they reunite with their Higher Selves (source self/group soul/monad) and experience some measure of that seemingly omniscient and omnipresent consciousness that is a very near neighbour to the god consciousness.  There, they can, depending on their willingness to open up and expose their limited personal consciousness, have a taste of the eternal now endlessly recreating itself, endlessly exfoliating more and more forms, the proverbial ten thousand things emerging and returning to the One every nanosecond.

Amongst other things, I might add.  Being, say, many ‘past’ incarnations, …human, ‘alien’, animal, bird, fish, river, tree, cloud, and so on.  The worlds of the huge (planets, galaxies) to the worlds of the tiny (sub-atomic particles).

When they return to the bodies and normal consciousness, knowing that each will have experienced their own unique level of exposure, I encourage them to take notes quickly, before the exalted expansion dissipates entirely.  Then we share and discuss.

What I have discovered over these recent years is that while there is a steady but small supply of students who wish to thus extend their consciousness, there is a larger group who want to (a) connect with their spirit guides, (b) contact their deceased loved ones, (c) learn energy healing, chakra balancing, Reiki and the other popular psychic abilities.  And how, you might ask, do I feel about this?

Well, like many other issues in life, my reaction depends upon my ever changing moods.  So with that in mind I would question any answer that catapults one reaction into the spotlight and leaves the others languishing in the shadows.  That I react at all is a given, of course, but I have learned to take it all in stride and not  favour one client’s stated needs over another.  It’s all spiritual growth of one kind or another.  It’s all expansion of consciousness, however temporary.  It’s all revelation, maybe amusingly mild, maybe belief system shaking.

You can talk to annoying ghosts, deceased loved ones, fairies, angels, aliens, archangels, prophets, saints and ascended masters.  You can access and transmit energy healing, you can divine with crystals and pendulums, you can telepath with animals, feel cancerous tumours as living beings exercising their free will.  You can exit your body and fly about.  You can access and understand your earlier journeys through various forms.  You can embrace Gaia, or at least that portion that will fit into your grasp.

But you can also merge with the god consciousness and know, however briefly, its boundless energy and endless creativity, its transcendence of form, emotion, and thought.  Why evolution is merely the play of Maya, the goddess amusing herself with the chattering and crying of her children.  Why planets are useful playgrounds and religions good shepherds gone bad.  Why the sheep are content to graze and reproduce while the enlightened look on bemused.  Why you are one of the sheep and one of the enlightened.