I was reading a book review in the Globe and Mail yesterday when certain phrases and ideas sparked my interest.  The book being reviewed (by Terry Glavin) was The Myth Of The Muslim Tide by Doug Saunders, which , perhaps obviously, concerns itself with the seeming spike in immigration to the West from mainly Muslim countries, and the critics who consider this part of some “deliberate stealth jihad”, who base their fashionable notions on “some sort of occult regime of religious obligation that binds ordinary devout Muslims with jihadist nutcases”.  Reviewer Glavin quotes one of those critics, Mark Steyn, who “dismisses the courageously militant atheist reformer Ayaan Hirsi as a mere operative of sinister conservatives”.

I quote at length as this debate, ongoing as we absorb the tide of Muslim immigrants to the liberal democracies they so obviously wish to reside in, as it reminds me thematically of a message I channeled from Maitreya, some years back.  That message is part of the book, so far unissued, “Jesus and the Christ”, and has actually seen the light as one of my wordofgord Youtube videos, one I might add, which has, surprisingly to me, attracted significantly less attention than others.

As Maitreya initially observes, “Ignorant and anxious men have always gathered to seek sustenance from mere numbers, whatever their shade of faith or doubt, and the desire to shout one’s belief from the rooftops and enforce it on others has never been far from center stage.”  And as he continues, “In the modern world the twin thrusts of absolute denial of any divinity but the ingenious mind of man and the determined insistence on literal interpretation of ancient sacred texts constantly vie for control of, if not the world, then at least their market share of interested subscribers.”

So far, so good; and expressed with his customary incisiveness.  Then: “The masters are well aware of these trends, both in their historical and contemporary modes, and take them into account in all our encouraging and moderating activities.  They are, of course, twin expressions of the same impulse, translated by astral bodies easily susceptible to over-excitement, and require much the same treatment, which might be termed ‘moderation in devotion’.”

The kernel of the issue:  ‘Twin expressions of the same impulse, translated by astral bodies easily susceptible to over-excitement’.  It’s the passion of strongly held beliefs and positions which one can observe in the participants, whether they be intellectuals, theologians or devotees.  The catalyst may be deeply mental in origin, but its working out and expression is emotional, and the emotions are the vibrational fuel on which astral bodies run.  And having more or less mastered the challenges of our once predatory environment, most of us are now learning to harmonize with the energies of the astral body.  We express them, we repress them, we disguise them, we ignore them, we flaunt them, we sublimate them.  And yes, it’s a long haul until perfect alignment is achieved.  A long haul of many lives and multifarious experiences.

As Maitreya observes, “Insisting on the blind ignorance of others and acting aggressively upon one’s righteous declarations has been the way of history”, but he knows that, “The wise among you know that all paths, if followed to their fruition, lead to the same place, a platform of achievement where previous efforts seem more of a letting-go than an adding-to, and that the gradual, and often painful, disrobing of the ego leads only to the revealing of the soul’s unsupported, original  radiance, but for those who have not yet reached that level of wisdom, the path chosen is an ego expression and must be loudly championed and aggressively protected from those who would profane its purity.”

And he understands “such prideful egos who, tiring of the seemingly unsupportable claims of the fanatic, turn in great relief to the ideology of denial in which all the workings of spirit are at best convenient myths and most often the complete illusions of frantic children lost in a fog of their own fears.”  And he sees, “How much more adult it is, to look death in the face and treat each other with kindness and respect without the threat of damnation” to coerce.  He fully understands that, “Such souls are not to be mocked, as the usurpation of true religious feeling by those who would legislate faith through fear has insulted their real and unimpeachable intelligence.”  Then he suggests, “Let us instead see atheism as the inevitable outgrowth of man’s growing mental function, which quickly and rightly learns to ridicule superstition, but unfortunately all too often fails to complete the leap from instinctual response to intuitive knowing, and leaves the practitioner with only the endless analyzable material world as his reward.”

And in the next three paragraphs he ties together his threads:  “And as subtly complex as the ever expanding subdivisions which scientific analysis continually unfolds for the hungry curiosity of the expert intellectual, such examination will never reveal the prime source of all manifestation, nor the lengthy stepping down process which gradually enable hyper-rapid vibration to slow down long enough to compose the “matter” men seek to understand.  Just as the brain, regardless of how it is stimulated, broken down, or otherwise pickled in experimentation, will never be revealed as the generator of consciousness, so too the physical plane, however cleverly categorized into its component parts, will never reveal the ultimate source of its creation and maintenance.”

“Only surrender to the indefensible and irreducible intuitive leap will lead the bearer through the dark territory of doubt and the cat-calls of mockery to the inner certainties of the knowing self.  Learning to thrive in the complete lack of applause is an integral part of the true seeker’s journey.  Of course, that very surrender is the last thing a proud intellectual cares to embrace.  Seeing the braying certainty of the fanatic everywhere but in his own backyard of cloistered elites and self-serving jargon, he firmly believes, like the righteous throughout history, in the superiority of his cause, and seeks to establish a sane and ordered bridgehead in the swamps of hysterical superstition.  His position is analogous to that of the passionate devotee of the long gone prophet, who, convinced of the chaotic sinfulness of modern society, seeks to reestablish an imagined golden age when men were pious and god’s ways were followed without question.”

“Both the rational atheist and the devoted believer tagged as fanatic are outgrowths of the same misplaced emphasis in matters of faith.  If religions, and the men who seek to lead them, espoused, and more importantly, practiced, tolerance and unconditional love for all those choosing to follow the diverging paths that the free will mandate of this planetary experiment inevitably throws up into man’s consciousness, neither atheism nor fanaticism would have had the fertile soil required for the growth of their expression.”

“Religions, despite the endless guidance offered by prophets, messiahs, and the invisible guidance of a master such as I, have repeatedly chosen the lesser path of centralized power and control through fear, and as such, are entirely responsible for the growths of these two disruptive expressions.”

I trust the above excerpts will not only accurately represent Maitreya’s argument but provoke further discussion.