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Sounds crazy I know.  But it’s been happening of late, sudden rushes of consciousness up that ladder of awareness from the daily self to the astral self to the mental self to the causal, buddhic and monadic: all those bigger, wider, faster vibrating bodies that are us on other levels.  I can be walking along, minding my own business as they say, or driving in city traffic, sitting idle at a red light, times when I usually wonder about groceries or lunch or gardening or bills.  Suddenly the normal everyday Gordon, with his petty issues and upsets, is gone, replaced by a transcendent understanding that knows no bounds and has no cares as it looks out over all horizons and apparent limitations into a boundless eternity of knowing and knowing nothing really matters.

From this tiny carefree bliss I am plunged back and down into the busy chatter of things to do, places to go and things to say when you get there.  It’s a mini version of the state uncovered in meditation and out of body experience, and I wonder if it’s a timely reminder to a soul sometimes lost in the details of the drama.  Or is it perhaps the post-2012 upgrade, offered to all who had made the previous effort?

Could be either or both, and more no doubt.  Such transformative experiences rarely serve just one purpose.  Obviously, despite one’s blips and burps of mystical illumination, one remains in this hurly-burly world with its constant challenges and annoying distractions.  When one’s illumination settles during yoga, meditation or contemplative prayer one is grateful and rested and refreshed.  One is glad to be reminded of the radiance behind the shadow play.

But I can imagine folks might find these mini-upsurges more disturbing than reassuring.  Whipping up that jacob’s ladder through the planes and beyond to the unadulterated radiance of divinity, where the all-knowing self sings its contribution to the music of the spheres, and then right back down to the clamour of families, jobs, politics and weather could lead to something more dramatic than disorientation.

Most often on the inner journey one is handed only those experiences one is ready for.  Guides and teachers are aware of your progress and only wish to sharpen your skills at a rate already calibrated to your learning curve.  But once in a while you will get a curve ball, fully intended to throw you off balance and force you out of your comfort zone.  And these sudden shock projections may be just that.  And if they are, I am glad to have been present at the unveiling.

Maybe they’re saying: forget about fairies, angels, past lives and the dead.  Try this drop of divinity and take it back to where you came from, five seconds ago when you thought all was boringly well.  Take it back and pass it around.