Friends, over the past year or so I’ve been corresponding with Gretchen Vogel from New Hampshire.  She’s a talented and original medium, whose focus and interests are so different from mine, that although we essentially “do the same thing”, her contacts and writings are consistently interesting to me.  I trust you will enjoy her following contribution as much as I.


I’m pleased to be a guest on my friend Gordon’s blog.

My name is Gretchen Vogel, and I am passionate gardener, a practicing psychic medium and author of Choices In The Afterlife.

The metaphysical or spiritual realm may be invisible but it doesn’t have to be taken on faith, it can be felt and understood in a practical and logical way.

Say you are walking down a street in a town or city.  You will see one person walk by with a smile, perhaps walking a dog. An  older couple may come by with pleasant looking faces, having found peace in their long connection.  You may also see a person who is  in the grip of addiction, sad and preoccupied. Another person may come along painfully perhaps using a cane, their face drawn inward into the pain or the effort of moving.

Observe  your own emotional mood and thoughts at that moment.  Maybe you are stressed, or maybe you happily just heard from an old friend. If you observe your own thoughts and the feelings they produce you will realize your experience of life can vary from moment to moment  Many of us feel at the mercy of external events which dictate how we feel. Some of us have been observing our thoughts for a while and deliberately reaching for more light filled or uplifting thoughts as often as we can.

I ask you to consider your levels of mood thoughts or emotions as levels of actual experience . If you can do this, you’ll see how there are various spheres of experience here in our physical life. We don’t need drugs or food to alter our experience, we only need to observe and have some thoughts gratitude and our mood will lift. Actually drugs and food addictions take us down more than a few rungs on the experience ladder of life. Mantra chanting, prayers, uplifting music, exercise, and positive thoughts can boost us up the rungs into a higher or better experience of life. It is like we literally move upward to higher or better levels of life.

Yesterday after the tragic events in Boston I went to a yoga class, we were all still reeling from the darkness someone infected so many people with though the deliberate cruelty of the bombs. Little by little the mood shifted as we practiced our breathing and postures, and we closed with a prayer for the injured and deceased. I felt myself moving up a few rungs of the experience ladder during the practice.

Why are these experiences noteworthy? In a real tangible way we can experience the differences between love and hate within our own mind, heart and spirit. I’ve been a practicing medium for many decades and I can personally attest we continue within our subjective perception in our afterlife within these spheres of experiences. After the death of a loved one we need to grieve, but we can also be grateful for our life and the people or animals who loved us. We can sing songs of love for the deceased or we can repeat obsessive thoughts of guilt or self blame which cause us pain and suffering. Our loved one is vibrating in a way we can’t perceive easily through our physical senses but they are still within the spheres of human experience.

Understanding the spheres of experience  is also the way to understand the deceased are still here and in the NOW. When we think of heaven or hell we see it all around us in life. Some of us, through emotional, mental and spiritual practices,  can reach a fairly high vibratory experience of life.  We can also choose to think circular painful thoughts which keep us in a low vibratory experience of life. It is NO different whether we are in a body or not.

Everything humans are is all right here and right now, the deceased move higher or lower within the vibratory spheres of experience just as do we. Since we can only perceive anything always and forever in an individual subjective sense, it is important to choose the best possible diet, the best possible thoughts and exercise which is appropriate to our level of health. Self- study is important and I highly endorse  the work of Eva Pierrakos. Her decades of lectures are available through But study of any positive subject matter can be part of our uplifting toolbox.

The reason to be as good, kind and loving is to have the best experience of life possible. We can fully incarnate, mature and direct our experience no matter what is happening outside of our control. This will not guarantee we have a stress free life or tragedy or illness will not touch us, but we can make the most positive choices with the circumstances we find ourselves in.  Cultivating the observer self, which makes the choice of what to think or feel is the beginning of making the choice about what sphere we are living within each and every moment.

We can reach for heaven on earth, or we can settle for some of the rungs of hell. This is the important task in life, to live in as much light as love as we can, in as much health and wellness toward our self and others as possible; to live in the highest vibratory sphere we can muster the energy to reach every moment. We don’t have to believe in heaven or hell, we are already living it.

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Gretchen Vogel

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Keene, NH USA