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In the nineties, when I discovered his work, Terence McKenna quickly become a favourite.  His penetration and exploration of altered states, and the seemingly infinite realms they revealed, immediately struck me as cutting edge: a consciousness researcher almost without parallel.  McKenna’s cultural influence steadily increased throughout the remainder of that incarnation, and when he left us for points unknown, but perhaps predictable given the arc of his rainbow, his  post-technological shamanism had shifted the goalposts of many a follower.

His notion of December 21, 2012 being the end of history as we know it, based on the end of the Mayan calendar, was never a comfort zone for me.  Firstly I am temprementally opposed to prophecy of any sort, as it is usually way off base, if not completely wrong.  Stages in mankind’s evolution can be mapped and discussed intelligently, and have been as long as philosophers and secret societies were summoned onto the world stage by the inchoate longings of incarnate souls, but as the spectrum of courage and curiosity amongst men is wide, to say the least, leaps forward by the masses cannot be predicted.  That we evolve into greater degrees of complexity, creativity and expression is obvious, but our progress is so haphazard and choked with potholes guaranteed to impose injury and restriction, grand predictions such as Mckenna’s are, in my mind, not much use.

History does end, effectively, every time we cross from this world of time and sequential events into the realms of spirit.  Once there we reside in paradises and heavens where we re-adapt to the slowly unfolding freedoms of eternity.  Initially, of course, we imitate the patterns and practices of Earth life, where one foot follows the other in relationship and activity and we live by orderly sequence, but eventually, and that ‘eventually’ is tailored to each individual’s needs, we grow into that consciousness without boundaries, of body or mind, so that we become limitless beings in the universal mind, aware of all life processes and possibilities weaving both backwards and forwards in time, the time of sequential history that we left upon death.

These sojourns outside time, in the Elysian Fields/Radiant Void/Ground Of All Being/The Godhead, are largely forgotten when we return ‘here’ for another round of effort, ambition, suffering and joy, but can, as you all know, be accessed in periods of meditation, retreat and prayer.  Our Higher Self/Monad seems to be something of a permanent resident of that infinite light, waiting patiently for each one of us to return with a fresh bag of goodies to be shared.

After whatever is, or becomes, our last Earth incarnation, there is the completed man, the graduate, who can gaze reflectively over the landscape of his journey, seeing the struggles and pitfalls, some of which may have stretched for centuries, as part of the act he put on to participate in the theatre of tragedy and comedy all us induced-ignorance actors agree to.

I often feel that completed man gazing at me, backwards through time, sympathetically and lovingly, as I suffer the various tribulations we all are heir to.  Today it’s allergy induced hives, next week it could be something else.  But as I feel his gaze I can enter not only his game playing triumph but his seemingly infinite understanding and love.  I can see that he and I are one and the same, as are you and I.