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I have written before, on several occasions, of the importance of understanding that as souls active in our own education, we choose, with the input of guides and friends, the circumstances of our birth.  Our many births.  In the new age community, with the help of past and between life regression studies, life readings by mediums and personal out of body explorations, this is not such a radical notion, and many of us appreciate the implications of this new knowledge.  We see that we have reached a point in our journeys where such a seeming responsibility can be handled, as we no longer need to resort to any of the earlier modes such as capricious fate, blind chance, lousy luck, jealous deities or last surviving sperm.
But I am regularly reminded, as no doubt you are yourselves, that large sectors of society still cling to the old notions.  This morning I listened to an interview with the man who, with associates, began the project known as Invisible Children, an attempt to raise public awareness of the tragedy of child soldiers in Africa, specifically those pillaged and enslaved by the Lords Resistance Army.  Their YouTube video was seen by millions and their cause quickly and generously funded.
In his defense of the many criticisms later received by his organization, he underlined his basic position by pointing out that neither he or a child soldier had  chosen to be born as they were, and that it was somehow his duty to rectify that situation by any means possible.  Now compassionate aid to those less fortunate than yourself has been the mainspring of all charitable activity throughout the known history of civilized society, and I would not suggest anything to undermine that noble impulse.  Yet the disconnect is obvious.
As we advance in our understanding of the complexities of incarnation and the two evolutions of spirit and form, we come to see that not everyone can share our insight.  They are not ready for that revelation and it cannot be forced upon them by those who would enlighten.  But if their lack of understanding assists the various charitable projects of the world then another purpose has been served, and if one thing has been made clear to me over the years, it is that with any partial unfolding of the ineffable mysteries, several purposes are served, some of them obvious and laudable and others as inscrutable as memory and desire.