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As I have finally committed the talks by Jesus and Maitreya, collected under the title “Jesus And The Christ”, to electronic print, after years of wondering why no publisher would take them on, I thought it timely to reflect on their reception and transmission in the years 2006 and 2007.  These forty odd talks were received by me, Gordon, in the years following the publication of “More Adventures In Eternity”, where I had first allowed myself the privilege of accessing the consciousness of such exalted beings, feeling that they should complement the thoughts of monads, guides, angels and the recently deceased.  I felt strongly that their presence would complete the picture I was trying to paint of the non-physical worlds.

Surprisingly perhaps, I found them as close and communicative as any other level of being so invoked by the exploring Gordon.  Whether this was a delusion of the ambitious ego, the arrogance of the upstart disciple or the intuition of the soul- infused personality I do not care to say, feeling that the high quality of the messages speak for themselves.  And besides, as a reader, your discernment is paramount.

Many of you have watched some of the talks being read over YouTube and will not entirely surprised at their ebook appearance.  I can only hope that having them close at hand, in digital print, will be a boon for you, and the others who will be discovering them for the first time.

The ascended masters, as I understand them, seek many outlets for their communications.  Gordon is but one messenger, the “boy on the bike delivering the package”, as I say.  And what wisdom they deliver!

“Religions are planned and brought into being by various members of the brotherhood acting as prophets and messiahs.  Each prophet is, as you say, the ‘frontman’ for a behind-the-scenes organization planning and directing the enterprise, usually but not always, from the spirit planes.”

“The dark brothers of the left hand path have been resident on the planet since the opening of evolutionary operations.  These rebel angels, like every other sentient being extant, were, and are still, permitted as much free will as they needed to explore the farthest reaches of their ambitions and fears.”

“Look around you, wherever you are.  Look around you now.  Everything you see is a product of that divine creative impulse which manifests every microsecond of life on your planet.”

“As I once gave my precious life to the planet that it be redeemed from the deeper levels of darkness, so you all can give your precious identities to the work of love, love without object or promise of return, that the planet, and all its sentient entities, be further raised toward the radiance which beckons and embraces.  The second coming is actually the one which blooms from the soil of your individual heart and is watered by the smiles and laughter of those you embrace with its glow.”

These are but a few of the many inspiring thought threads from the talks, and rereading them spins me back to those quietly delirious hours where, in a cafe often listening on headphones to sacred choral music of the Renaissance, I first transcribed them.  As I said in the note “How This Book Happens”, –

“I take dictation until the theme seems exhausted, and often feel myself glowing with the blessing of the higher consciousness involved.  To feel like a master, even the shadow of a master for a few precious minutes, is just about as marvelous as you might imagine.  I float out of the Starbucks towards my next work shift around eleven am, feeling quite wonderful, sometimes for only moments but often for hours, till that drab combination of ego issues and daily stresses returns me to that all too familiar bondage of incarnation, where one struggles with one’s shadow to maintain the harmony of psychic equilibrium.”

And so it is with some relief, and as little pride as I can manage, that I finally let these talks disperse into the mental energy fields of the world, where they will work their magic without any further stewardship by their recording secretary.