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Well, followers of this blog will not be surprised to hear that we do;  exist in many dimensions that is.  The existential fact and some of its ramifications have already been discussed in previous posts.  Perhaps it is now appropriate to dig a little deeper and further.

Who is this “we” that I refer to?  Well, not the earthbound personality structure that answers to your name.  More the spirit of which that personality is an integral part.  More the projection of that divine spark lolling about energetically in the Elysian Fields/Radiant Void/Ground Of All Being while all manifest forms, from planets and cultures to all manner of animal, vegetable and mineral pursue their course of evolution in the matrix of competition, conflict and cooperation which is the physical plane.

And that spirit has been catalogued several ways: Monad, Higher Self, Source Self, Group Soul.  Each one of us “belongs” to a Group Soul/Monad; each one of us is an energetic projection from that Monad, a shooting star which peels through the layers of vibration, lowering its frequency stage by stage until it becomes a fetus in some version of a womb and gestates towards birth.

We bring with us some portion of our divine wisdom, enough to tackle the tasks we set before us, but not so much that the fearful ignorances we battle are revealed as the bogeymen they are, else where would the challenge be?  Though the path of evolution is an obstacle course made of smoke and mirrors, we needn’t know that while we’re clambering and recoiling.  We’ve got plenty of time in heaven later to so contemplate and chuckle.  Those who wish details of these various portions of soul wisdom we tuck in for the trip can consult the works of Michael Newton, Andy Tomlinson, Dolores Cannon, Robert Schwartz et al., for the maps being traced by these ‘between-life’ researchers is ever increasing in subtlety and complexity.

As far as I can tell from my own efforts, that being ‘Gordon’ here and now, there are two ways to perceive and understand our multidimensional existence.  The beings that ‘you’ were, before and later, continue to exist in spiritual essence, on one plane or another, and ‘you’ can if you so fervently desire, contact them and meaningfully interact, in as much as your current belief system will allow.

Whether in meditation, out of body projection or “dream”, you can meet the Russian aristocrat killed in the revolution, the exhausted farmwife drowned in the flash flood, or that brave standard bearer for the Roman legions as they civilized the pagan tribes of Europe.  They may not truly exist in that form “now” but sensing your need, will be willing to assume the proportions you require for the educative experience.

You can also, again if your belief system is flexible enough, contact a future self, say that old soul who has purposely taken a life in one of those countries where women are yet held in contempt and require all the help they can get to surface as honoured and equal citizens, or perhaps that astronaut committed to the exploration of the further reaches of the solar system, or maybe that psychical researcher of the future who is part of one of the ‘manifestation’ teams, creating, out of the apparent thin air of thought, the more complex forms of organic matter, now that the simpler stuff like leaves, twigs and stones had been mastered.

Some of those past life personalities will have liberated themselves from the defining belief systems of their epoch and culture and can meet you as free beings unrestricted by desire or fear, while others could yet be enmeshed in either the sinful guilts and remorse of their personal journeys, which will render them sluggish and intemperate in the low vibratory levels that are termed purgatories, or the religious envelope of their community and era, in which case they will treat you as some kind of devilish foe or alien threat to their cosseted heaven or culturally perfumed paradise.  Careful diplomacy is called for in these episodes.

But those beings who have freed themselves from the personal and societal bonds of their incarnation will make your efforts worthwhile, and you will be able to explore the enigmas of the afterlife of 348, 1712, 1309, 1847 and 2010 and how precisely they intermingle.  The astral planes of this beloved planet do change and evolve, and while you can appreciate that at your leisure after the drama of every death has subsided, you can also approach the mystery now, as you sleep and dream, meditate and stretch.

And that ‘you’, exploring and maybe assisting the confused and fearful dead away from the subtle traps of the ghost, hungry or otherwise, perhaps he/she has aspects who continue to roam and interact when ‘you’ are back in the physical frame?  I know ‘Gordon’ does, so maybe ‘you’ do too.  Each one of these aspects appears as an independent being of an astral nature, as opposed to ‘Gordon’ who’s physical.  Well, he is when he’s not projected.  Another enigma wrapped in a mystery.

For example, to continue, we have all participated in the expansion, maintenance and decay of empires, swallowing the self-justifying propaganda as we tailored our various roles.  That can be examined and compared to the earlier rise and fall of tribes, and one can see the usefulness of the temporary roles we were once so enamoured of.

The dedicated drone in the huge bureaucracy slaved to his role, then despaired of it, then gave up and retired to hobbies.  Wherever he is now, the arc of his journey can be weighed, considered and slotted into the ‘ancient plan for mankind’, as esoteric teachings would have it.  It is one of many slots, educative in purpose, as were rivers, trees, fish and fowl, not to mention cave men, temple virgins and astronauts.  They are all projections of the Monad, gathering the experiences which contribute to graduation.  The minor deity, the ascended master, the archangel:  they too were once smaller, lesser, and trying hard to understand.