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Just after lunch today I set out for my afternoon shift of driving ‘special needs’ students home from school.  A radio interview was in process and the man, someone whose income allowed for small plane ownership, was rhapsodizing about cruising at 20,000 feet, and said how amazing it was to feel “at one with the universe”.

During what we seekers understand as meditation, we consider ourselves lucky if, once on a while, we arrive at the at-one-with-our-surroundings stage.  To quit self-consciousness, with all its tumult of thoughts and emotions, and enter the aura, and maybe just the outer fringes, of cosmic consciousness, where self merges into Other and all becomes One, is something of an especial treat.

As meditators we do not always reach that sacred space, bedeviled as we are by the petty surges of memories, resentments, anxieties and desires, but once there, reposing in its radiance, we can never quite forget its blessing, and with practice, can resurrect most of its textures when really required.

To submerge one’s ego consciousness in the living-ness of all that surrounds one, whether conventionally viewed as animate or inanimate, and feel the life vibrations flowing though all and know that the perceiving ‘you’ is a tiny but equal part of that all, a breathing smidgen of a breathing universe, is a serene thrill and a blessing.  A blessing I wish more folks could experience.  Not in a rush of save-the-world evangelism, more in a good humoured share-the-wealth openhandedness.

The gentlemen flyer did not speak in such detail, and I cannot assume I know his precise share of the at-one-with-the-universe state, but I could tell from his tone it was at least ecstatic and the memory of it vivid.  As it is with the ‘me’ who writes this.  As it is for this experiencer who knows and can assure that the effort is worth it and that the benefits accrue.