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Many seekers, at various stages of their inner journey,, sometimes in meditation, sometimes in dreams, and sometimes in a state of projection, find themselves in the presence of the saviours and prophets of tradition.  The name and energetic imprint of the being we call Jesus is, I have found, the most common of such encounters.  I imagine, but do not actually know, that figures such as Krishna and Buddha may replicate his status in countries where their religions are predominant, as mankind has a seemingly infinite need for such spiritual lighthouses who transcend epoch and ethnicity.

A friend from Texas emailed the other day with just such an encounter.  In the course of a complex narrative adventure that he loosely termed a dream, he found himself in  “a wooded field, where hundreds of people had come out to interact with Jesus”.  Intuitively recognizing the “problems and desires in their energy signatures”, he saw that “they were in adoration and pursuing him for a solution to their problems”.  He then thought, “Don’t they realize that they already have a solution to their problem before it happened, and that they picked the problem before they even came down here to learn from it?”  He saw that they, being trapped in a belief system, had “given up their power”.

Then, in  another scene, Jesus appeared to him as a large globe of light within a dark void, asking “What do you want as I am your god?”.  Though sensing sarcasm my friend said he was “happy with everything” but that he would love to “fly in the physical expression” since he had “already mastered it in the other worlds”.  Jesus then appeared on top of a pile of old logs in a white robe, and spreading his arms, looked ripe for take-off, but instead thumped down on the base of the logs and then shooting back to my friend in a second, announced that “Even though you have dropped many of the filters that held you back, there are a lot of people who are blocked by their filters and belief systems.”

Though Bob declared himself baffled by all this, I have included it for its subtlety and complexity, as many encounters with Jesus that I have seen are limited to bathing in his infinite acceptance and love, which, while marvelous to the experiencer, are only the beginning of what he, as those like him, have to offer.  Our brains and hearts are often overwhelmed by the high vibration of such masters, and we are left to be “blown away” uncomprehendingly by the encounter.

Obviously each of us has to raise our vibration, by whatever method comes to hand, closer to that of the masters, so that our encounters can reap greater rewards in the spiral of experience we call “the future”.  I have noted as such in my own encounters, some of which are recorded in “More Adventures In Eternity” and of course, more obviously, in “Jesus And The Christ”.  Today, however, I’d like to point your attention towards a scene in my novel “An American In Heaven”, which, while fiction, as opposed to autobiography, contains many elements drawn and reconfigured from my own obe experiences.

The protagonist is one Melanie, a 19 year old girl who has recently transited in a car accident, and while coping with the shock and her family’s grieving, is introduced to some of the aspects of the astral that she might not find on her own by her guide Andrea.  One of those aspects is a church campus, a grouping of institutions similar grouped as those on Earth.  In this campus she meets and befriends  a lady minister who she comes to call Pastor Liz.  In the midst of a long conversation the following comes up:

“I ask if she still believes in Jesus.  Why of course she does.  Why would dying change that?  She looks genuinely puzzled.  I ask if she’s seen him around.  Sure, she attended a service where he made an appearance.  I imagine him stepping up to take a bow sometime after the sermon, after Liz says, And here’s the man you’ve all been waiting for, but know it’s a crock.  She describes an open air festival kind of service, with what sounds like thousands of people, all looking up.  And at a certain point, He appears floating way above everyone, smiling and raising his hand in greeting.  The feeling that went through the crowd was amazing.  Absolutely blissful, a blessing you could feel massaging your heart.  She was crying and hugging the person next to her. Many were on their knees, with the adoration or praise in their eyes.  And others were weeping uncontrollably and had to be helped away.  And you know what, he looked different to everyone.  Talking later she encountered so many variations on the vision.  Some saw Jesus, some saw a blinding light, some saw him surrounded by angels, others thought they recognized some of the disciples there and debated about which ones.  Others were, like, shocked into silence and quickly left, as if they couldn’t handle the intense emotions, which, she had to admit, verged on hysteria.

I asked if he actually said anything.  He spoke to our hearts Mel, you had to be there.  I let you know of his next visit if you like.  Well, who could snub an invite like that?  Makes a date with Bono look pretty tame.  Of course I said yes.  How could I say anything else?  Besides it didn’t look like a cult or anything.  So we discussed this talking straight to your heart thing.  It’s like a direct communication without words.  So that’s like love, I said.  Yeah, she said, but a very precise kind of love, like a well-aimed dart to your heart.  I told her about the love I felt for Eric and how guilty I felt for being, you know, this happy girl in heaven while he gets to struggle with being crippled every day.  Liz said maybe he feels guilty for me being dead while he’s still alive. I told her about meeting up with him when he was asleep and out of his body.  She thought that was wonderful of me, to be so dedicated to another’s welfare, but wondered if it wouldn’t be better for him in the long run if I was to pull away.  That felt like leaving him stranded, no, I didn’t think I could do that.  I didn’t mention the sex as I figured she’d disapprove.  She was cool, but not that cool.”

Some of you may recognize details familiar from the accounts of the visions at Fatima in 1917.  All I can say is that while the accounts from Fatima reveal that witnesses perceived varying visions as in the above astral account, one should not be surprised.  Perceptive abilities in the post-mortem state are as varied and subjective as those here in the physical and this should underline what I’ve emphasized many times before.  While conditions in the astral are significantly more expanded, fluid and endlessly changeable, recent inhabitants continue their incarnate habit of allowing assumption and prejudice to colour their perceptions on an individual basis.  At that stage they do not know how to do otherwise.

Make no mistake, we take our personalities and attributes with us to the other side.  It really is part two of the show.  But the guides and masters know that and take it into account when dealing with our queries, desires, fears and ambitions.  It’s all part of the gig and they take it in stride.