Reaching that point of stillness, that emergence into the space of “no me, no not-me”, as the boundaries dissolve and oneness reasserts its forgotten preeminence, one breathes in calmness, one becomes that breath then surfs beyond it, observing its rhythms and functional necessity in comfortably furthering one’s residence on Earth,

while spirit settles like a mother hen on the eggs of her projections, one knows that one’s bliss in breaking through is, despite its parameters of reassurance to the oft-times neurotic and anxious human, just another place to be, another space to inhabit in the endless parade of spaces in the unfolding of the manifest multiverse, where sentient beings play at discovering themselves in various forms and processes.

Its specialness fades with extended residence, becoming more of a dream one can relate to others, others whose sleep has yet to include it in their repertoire, as a five star hotel whose entrance is cleverly hidden from insufficiently curious passers-by.

Hey, you say, here it is, just behind this hedge of busy preoccupations, breathing its non-breath, radiating its amorous emptiness.  I have been kissed and caressed by its counsel and I have returned, replete with riches beyond spending.

Hey, I’m saying now, it’s here inside the moment, however that moment clothes itself about you, waiting to embrace your surprised submission.  Yet once you’ve signed into its luxurious accommodations, bathing in its beautiful vibrations, you can always leave, whistling a carefree tune.