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It will likely not surprise any of you if I say we are surrounded by propaganda every day of our lives.  Even with the modern day overuse of the concept, it is undeniable to any discerning observer that the public relations propaganda of capitalist consumerism, government agencies, police, intelligence and military organizations, religions both establishment and fringe, banking, insurance and energy cartels, assault us at every turn.  Assault may be too harsh a term, many of them have found ways to, as the Roberta Flack song went, ‘killing us softly with their song’.  Not too far from those mythical sirens drowning sailors either.

All of the above are belief systems or one kind or another.  Self seeking and self justifying belief systems, many of whom might argue their absolute necessity for the orderly continuance of civilized society.  And of course, their ability to not only satisfy, but create desire and fear in us, their more or less captive audience.  Is that the condition of our being, here on the physical plane as isolated egos distinct and distant from all others?  To me it’s one of the more or less unavoidable conditions for our incarnational journey.  Without doubt however, we all learn to deal, some with more success than others, with all this propaganda.

We may spend a small fortune on our love soaked weddings only to feel shafted at the all too soon recriminative divorce, we may lunge passionately and righteously to the state’s request, only to find that the war we were sold on was not the conflict we imagined and that losing our limbs or mental equilibrium was in no way worth the advertised objectives, we may devote ourselves selflessly to the needs of others only to discover the needs of the organization takes first place, we may bend the knee to deities and saviours, assuming that our distance from divinity is as real as they say, only to see the illusion of sanctity and piety ruptured by corruption and indulgence, we may passionately embrace systems of political thought and action, convinced society needs repair and realignment only to discover our selfless service is but another method of individual repression, another training ground for pawns to do the bidding of masters.

As the Who mostly famously sang, circa ’71 and on into music history: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.  Perhaps it’s not too obvious to point out that the external boss is matched by the internal one, the inner judge justifying every dip and sway on behalf of fear and anxiety.  All of which can make you feel quite wretched if you forget there’s a way out of every system of propaganda, an escape hatch to the limitless freedom and light of spirit, untrammeled by either holy rule book definitions or societal law.

Certainly all that may devolve into sitting in your back garden with a glass of lemonade on a sunny morning watching the birds dart about delightedly between tree and shrub.  Yet the propaganda of nature is perhaps the most seductive of all, appearing, as it does, to have no dark manipulative agenda.  But it keeps many of us earthbound, particularly those of an atheist, agnostic or scientific materialist bent, who take solace in its ripe beauties as they bravely face the abyss of meaningless nothingness on the other side of death.

For those of us foolish enough to have experienced that other side, as dream, vision, meditation, projection (medically revived or otherwise), the presence of propaganda is not, unfortunately, diminished.  Many of the heavenly realms are claimed by the major religions and some by the minor or fringe.  Even if you are not seduced by their spiritual insistence, some of your friends and family members will be, and even as a matter of friendly visitation, you will be required to courteously assent to their very vivid assumptions.  I say vivid as the energetically flexible nature of the astral planes is, and has for centuries, almost automatically responded to the religious belief systems assumptions of its ever repeating new arrivals, allowing for the creation of heavenly realms most suitable to the comfort zones of the faithful.

Fortunately for the independent seekers after truth, there are paradises, heavens, and virtually indescribable radiant spheres where one can be endlessly creative and exploratory, dissolve one’s identity and float free of any definition, merge the one with the One, and otherwise disport oneself without fear of discovery or being disowned.

Is there propaganda for the radiant void, the unmanifest, the formless, the ground of all being?  I would say Yes, but it’s the most expanded set of beliefs I’ve ever encountered, if you can call embracing one’s divinity in all its omnipresence and omniscience a set of beliefs.  I believe I’m divine therefore I am?  I’ll go for it, how about you?