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In the Abrahamic religions (Christian, Judaic, Muslim) it would seem to be a given that the individual soul, suffering the sweet torments of incarnation, is seen to be standing apart from God, with the prophets, saviours, saints and angels as necessary intermediaries between sinner and deity.

Although alternatives, where a measure of divinity was seen as attainable by the sincere aspirant, were definitely available, – secret societies, mystery schools, and such faith streams as Hinduism and Buddhism, – for young souls millennia ago, thrust into the ignorance which inevitably accompanies the dense low vibration which the physical plane was then host to, such harsh definition and strict guidance was perhaps required.  Certainly it was seen as such by the priestly elites intent on retaining their privileged status.

In modern times, (and yes, everyone on the unwinding ribbon of history sees their era as modern), with the maverick spirituality that is the keynote of the new-age and its various communities and roving outgrowths, such separative concepts are felt to be outmoded.  The mature, older souls now seeking their radiant source amongst the many pious platitudes masquerading as inspired guidance currently circulating on the planet’s digital media, sense that pearl of great price lodging somewhere in their psyches, and are more than ready to welcome any viable techniques that might help unlock the mystery of personal divinity.

Where we once prayed on bended knee and with fearful heart, “petition the lord with prayer” as Jim Morrison once sang, seekers on the inner journey now wish to connect with their inner divinity, and go to their place of knowing, as I often advise clients.  We do this on the assumption, on the knowing, that there is such a place, dwelling in the psyche, where the doubts, fears and anxieties that come with the illusion of separation that is the inevitable result of physical incarnation, can be overcome in a flush of irreversible understanding.

That divine spark of knowing, knowing without doubt or reductive analysis, is the kernel of soul energy that we clothe with mental, emotional and physical bodies when we descend the ladder of vibration to arrive at this thick, heavy opaque place to have all our thick, heavy and opaque experiences.  This sphere where anger, hatred and gravity get you down and free-form flight is reserved for fantastical dreams filtered out by those rigors of rationality imposed by the self- appointed guardians of the sensible.

That spark, supplied for free by Higher Self/Monad, is about the size of a pea but can expand at will to the shape of a planet if the kid at the controls can just release and submit.  Divine sparks are just kinda built that way.  Their unmanifest intelligence is just waiting to be filled with the chaos of experience, those haphazard bundles of data ripe for the sorting by a being who knows that their cup runneth over, and whose joy comes from licking the drops.

And whose fulfillment arrives in the wake of religion, not in its bosom.  For religion, in the organized hierarchical sense, merely opens the door to allow a glimpse of the sacred, dare-not-speak-its-name light, whereas spirituality, that inward outgrowth of nameless inspiration, bypasses the very idea of doors which gain admittance for the elite and saved, landing its exponents in the meadows of infinity, where the lush harmonies of history’s formerly opposing forces wash through every form the soul has shouldered on its way to the here and now of the enlightened moment, displaying the mad comedy of attachment for what it is: an instructive joke of cosmic proportions conceived by us when we were something other than us, and looking about for a new challenge for those slightly jaded super-psyches, spoiled rotten by seemingly endless omniscience.