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The internet, or the world wide web as we used to call it, has linked us in ways we would never have imagined 25 years ago.  But like many innovations, however initially miraculous, we quickly become inured to its magics and soon are plodding through its mazes like the many other complications of modern life.

It is, or has become over the decades, one of the mantras of spiritualistic communications that many of the technical wonders of modern life are developed by the so-called dead in the worlds of spirit, where time and funding are no object, and then placed into the minds or imaginations of those on earth who are working along similar lines, whether scientific, medical or artistic.  While this has never been accepted by the mainstream, a number of creators/inventors had admitted in their memoirs that their inspirations have come in dreams and visions of a friendly but distinctly foreign nature, leaving them to feel that a gift had been given by someone or someones.  I had come across several channeled communications over the years which claimed such a genesis for the internet, the purpose being the free exchange of knowledge without any religious of political bias or censorship, in the hopes of uniting mankind in a greater understanding, shorn of the ethnic and class based enmities encouraged by the paranoid and profiting elites.

While we see our intellectual freedoms and basic human rights repeatedly challenged by such ramped-up duress, there is a strong sense that we are yet a couple of steps ahead of those pursuing wolves of doubt and fear.  It would seem that our desire to be independent exceeds our desire to be controlled.  That, as any glance through history will reveal, has not always been the case.  We are growing beyond our herd and hive-like instincts.  Finally.

Another aspect of the internet less remarked upon, but equally significant in my mind (my share of the Universal Mind) is the similarity between the quick mental exchanges of the internet and the telepathy reported and experienced by those in the astral planes.  I had such an experience the other night, when in the space of five or so minutes I interacted with four individuals, widely separated in space and time on four separate topics, merely because we were all online at that late hour of the night.  Our interactions were thoughtful, witty and provocative, cunning mental tennis between bemused friends.  The speed at which we exchanged was close to the instantaneous nature of telepathy, which I know from out of body experience, and has, of course, been commented upon by many communicators from spirit over the decades.

For me this is but one more indication of the melding of the planes, predicted by many spirits and masters over the last century and even longer.  And it will continue, of that I am quite sure.  May I encourage you all to allow yourself this expansion of ability, for only by opening to it will you get on the bandwagon.  As the gospel song says, “People get ready, there’s a train a comin'”.  That train takes many shapes, depending on your needs and expectations, but one of them is most definitely telepathy.