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This morning I had the great good luck to witness a gorgeous sunrise over Lake Ontario, whose shores are less than a mile from my home.  As I gazed in wonder, I flashed on an aspect of the ‘total me’, observing life on Earth from a great distance out in the solar system, and, closing in, observing other humans in a state of amazement as they watched some celestial gymnastics performed by some game- playing ufos.  The ‘me’ out there seemed as bemused and lovingly indulgent as any superior being might be, looking down on the limited perceptions and intelligence of simpler forms of consciousness.

I was surprised at such an early hour to be so informed, but not that surprised, as my morning consciousness these past few days has been repeated invaded by images and feelings left over from the assistance given overnight to the shocked and traumatized dead in the Philippines’ disaster area, particularly the energetics of dead parents reluctant to leave living children behind, as we, the retrieval teams, encouraged the ‘victims’ onward and upward away from the devastated areas to the astral plane reception areas laid out for their arrival.

Despite having participated in such scenarios many times over the years, as do many others of you while asleep, I am still assaulted by the vibrations of grief and trauma as I move into my much more sedate and routine day.  Much to my, and others, relief, they fade with the exercise of ‘normal waking consciousness’, but can be quickly resuscitated by vivid media reports, one of which drew attention to the large numbers of seemingly parent-less children.

While we, in the new age community, chatter about our past lives, higher selves and soul energies left behind in spirit when we incarnate, not to mention aspects of self encountered while out roaming in the obe/lucid dream state, the actual reality of where we place our focus of consciousness, and how that focus spotlights an enduring myth and drags it up to major league status for our personal perusal, is a theme not so often explored.

For peace of mind I prefer to be the regular ‘me’ going through his day, working and playing in the accustomed manner, but I recognize the importance of expanding that routine to include the activities and perceptions of the other me’s making their presence felt wherever they choose to focus, for I understand the Ascension significance of coming to see life as an uninterrupted continuum of energies interacting.

Rendering assistance, making and breaking alliances, dissolving and reforming commitments, and shape-shifting according to momentary needs, learning to raise and lower vibration all along the spectrum of sentient necessity, this is what we’re here for, … along with sipping tea, shaking a tail feather and admiring sunsets.