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All of us do it, wherever we are on the unfolding path through the illusions of incarnation.  We learn as we go that others may mock and reject our glimpses of the greater reality informing us from Spirit.  They have their own world views, their arts, sciences, businesses and religions, which give meaning and sustenance in the midst of their struggles.  They do not wish to share in the various psychic and spiritual weirdnesses you find so enthralling and informative.  They do not wish their apple cart spilled.  So you give them a smile and a nod and a wide enough berth to maintain civilized discourse.

Learning to live bemused and yet compassionate as others ricochet off their own outrage is, without doubt, part of the enlightenment package.  It comes with the territory.

Today I read about the nasty side of female competitiveness in the workplace.  Much worse than anything men might do, the woman writer claimed.  And she a convinced feminist too.  But she had to say it, it was time for the truth to be told. The glass ceiling may have been constructed by men, but it was women who bit and scratched and clawed each other just underneath it.

The piece was written with all the style and fervour one expects from an educated and aware journalist, one who can inform, entertain and stimulate the debate that seems so necessary in modern societies.  Why, I enjoy nothing better than a good, passionate exchange of views on some hot topic of the day myself. They really do sharpen one’s acuity.

But a quoted remark in the middle of the piece kick-started my bemusement.  T’was something about women never having won wars or created empires.  You know the sort of thing.   Women who strike such poses, being passionately intellectual but no more, never consider that they, as men in this cosmic game of role swapping and reversal, might have participated in the very activity they decry.  Of course, male intellectuals make the same mistake when they prattle on about fashion slaves, psycho mothers-in-law, ball-busting bitches, holy motherhood, fascistic feminism and the like.  They never seen themselves as the wilting wallflower at a dance, weeping in the garden because they were not asked to waltz.  Not to mention the power mad matriarch bullying everyone into position, or the ruthless madam reigning roughshod over her charges.  And let’s not even mention the peasant mother, run ragged with babies, poverty and sickness, dead at 34.

Such are the illusions our educated elite subscribe to, as they fight the good fight to improve society, eliminate injustice and put an end to everything that pisses them off.  Those of us at least part way on the path know that we have played most, if not all, the parts, both the wicked and the innocent, and that pretty much everything that “happens” is either chosen or karma, and sometimes both.  And by karma I mean individual, familial, societal, ethnic and religious.  It operates on all levels and is, ultimately, unavoidable.

Although some have said that forgiving yourself, completely and without limit, in that breathing space we call paradise, is a good way out.  But if karma is indeed an educative and not a punitive process, then why skip out on a lesson?  I’m sure it helps build character.

Certainly, living quietly with your quota has much the same benefits.