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In the last few minutes, as I was driving, I heard a summary of Pope Francis’s thoughts on abortion.  In it were some words of sympathy for ‘those poor souls who will never see the light of day’, or words to that effect.  This is, to me, an almost perfect example of how religionists contort the radiant light of spiritual understanding to fit their own ends of propaganda appropriate for the perceived audience.

As both myself and almost any psychic facilitator, medium, shaman or obe practitioner will tell you, incoming souls can lodge and leave their womb at will for many months, including those after delivery.  And the memories evoked by past and between-life experiences tell much the same story, of souls changing horses in midstream and backing off the incarnation they had so bravely planned after the necessary insemination, only to come again at some more suitable juncture, sometimes to the same mother and sometimes to her sister or daughter.  The archives on miscarriages reveal much the same set of stories.  Souls who thought at first that some disability might be an interesting challenge, who then backed out for a healthier option down the line.

There is also much evidence of incoming souls, disguised as fetuses, feeling the emotions and thoughts not only of the mother-to-be but all the family group, including the destructive thoughts of women in awful personal predicaments, termination plans which never come to fruition but which haunt the psyche of the child into adulthood, until a practitioner like myself helps uncover them.

For us there is no such thing as a poor soul who never gets to see the light of day.  The miscarried and terminated shift immediately back to spirit, continuing their pre-incarnation lives, which includes, believe me, plenty of those light-of-day qualities, while they await another suitable entry portal into our world of limitation and oh-no-you-can’t-do-that.

There are of course, souls who make poor, rash choices which they quickly come to regret.  They are often those who have previously exited in the flush of youth via careless partying(drugs/booze/speed/war) or criminality and who are so desperate to get back in the game snatch at any available womb, despite the waving arms and imprecations of guides.  But everyone, incoming or outgoing, gets many many chances to play the game of life with gusto, fighting their way through the various limitations of belief systems imposed by society and religion to a measure of knowing which will transcend their previous achievements and help set them on course for the next century and its freedoms and challenges.

Why do obviously spiritual people like this Pope utter such relative falsehoods?  Because they have locked themselves into a belief system from either birth or youth, whose parameters allow for kindness, mercy, love and the like, but not, unfortunately, true knowledge.  They are sincere, honest purveyors of the truth they hold and share with their followers, but they are not truly enlightened.  They strive under the blinkers of ossified tradition, those ancient sacred books of questionable provenance, whose rusty approximations of knowledge were once the preserve of the priestly elite and are now easily available to confuse anyone anywhere.  Their faith is earnest and honest, but is not enough.

What they need is knowledge and that comes only with personal experience.  Not faith, not books, but experience.  The irrefutable presence of the divine in your time and space.  That which cannot be denied or interpreted or refuted.  That which is yours forever.  Some of them, I suspect, have had such in varying doses but sublimate it for the sake of tradition and faith, both of which they consider of greater importance.  And by their lights they are right.  With millions of the faithful to tend, tradition is their tent pole.  But for those of us emerging from the chrysalis of blindness to the butterfly flight of personal responsibility and no limitations, knowledge of flight paths and lack of destinations is what’s needed.  The endless journey through eternity that is ours.  And theirs if they only knew it.