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Though I have written extensively on the accumulation of knowledge concerning our spirit’s ability to choose the basic elements of our next incarnation as situational learning tools for our as-yet incomplete psyches, a comment I heard during radio debate on the pros and cons of Quebec’s new secular charter which, amongst others things, will forbid the wearing of religious symbols and attire by government workers, re-stimulated my interest.

One participant mentioned that not wearing the hijab in some African countries, including  hers, Algeria, could result in assassination for the woman in question, so the issue for her was one of blessed freedom, not oppression or restriction, as others had said.

This got me wondering why an incoming soul would choose birth in an area so fanatically oppressive and restrictive.  While we all, as incoming souls selecting  character-shaping challenges, agree to a variety of limitations, not the least of which is being confined to a tight little body with severe transportation issues after the joys of a virtually gravity-free atmosphere and faster-than-thought travel, the possibility of assassination on the basis of clothing seemed a bit over the top.  But then maybe my Western mind set couldn’t cope.

Then I recalled several examples of of souls planning to incarnate in such oppressive cultures purely to assist in their inevitable transformation.  One was in the work of Jenny Cockell, whose first, fame-generating book on her past life as a poor Irish mother so overburdened with children her life force could not sustain her, but whose second, recounting some possible future lives, including a woman in the Indian sub-continent dedicated to fighting the good fight on that front for the greater emancipation of women, was not so successful.  Another was related by a friend, who, in communication with his long deceased sister, found her planning a similar challenging female journey somewhere in Asia.

While psychically derived information on such future incarnations is somewhat scanty as compared to the now quite vast treasure trove of past and inter-life explorations, there is enough to ascertain certain trends and patterns.  And folks taking the plunge into repressive societies to assist in whatever fashion comes to hand in their transformation is one.  How many there are currently incarnate with such aims in mind, even if that mind is trampled by the pressing concerns of poverty, war and plague, is a matter for almost anyone’s psychic exploration.

Maybe yours.