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In this journey of ours to the fullest extent of self-realization possible, one of the great stumbling blocks is over-identification with the body.  Despite our protestations and spiritual practices we repeatedly identify ourselves with our bodies.  This on top of our well trodden ability to suppose we are our thoughts and emotions.  We are, of course,  none of the above.  We are all pure spirit experiencing the physical, astral and mental bodies as vehicles to explore their unique territories, but the strength of experience in those territories tends to overwhelm our innate knowing of where we came from and why we are here.  And naturally our belief system ridden societies reinforce those illusions constantly.

Tonight I heard a family member describe the discovery of  the remains of a dearly beloved brother, long thought lost forever, in the unexpected melting of a mountainside glacier.  The importance of the remains, mostly bones, was paramount to the family’s sense of closure.  Squeezing the somehow preserved hand was pronounced of great importance.

No-one said anything about the continued presence of the person or impressions of their (post-mortem) thoughts.  You don’t have to be a psychic to know that the dead mountaineer was most likely around his family members minutes or even seconds after his passing.  There is plenty of testimony to such in the literature; all you have to do is familiarize yourself with it.

Although it may seem harsh to point to someone’s need to touch the deceased, and I certainly would not deny anyone the chance to do so, one very basic step towards an enlightened existence while you are here, steeped in the squalor of decay, disease and death, is to know that the body is but a vehicle for the journey.  It is neither the journey nor the destination, it is just the vehicle.  When it is rusted and broken beyond repair you step out of it and into another vehicle, your astral body, the one you’ve been buzzing about in most nights while asleep.

I had my first hint of all this, at least in this life of Gordon’s, looking into my father’s coffin in 1968.  I was fifteen and had not yet read any spiritualist or esoteric literature, but I knew in my heart of hearts that he was no longer there, in that case of flesh.  How did I know?  I just knew.  Despite the tears and anguish, I knew.  Now I would say it was a knowing developed in other lives, a knowing which had permanently lodged in my psyche, perhaps a little closer to the surface than with others.  How inner knowing accumulates in the soul for ready use in a new life is yet a mysterious process, but it is, undeniably, a factor in our spiritual evolution, sometimes quite obvious to the trained eye.

I am becoming something of trained eye myself and can often see how much soul wisdom has manifested in the character in front of me.  I can often see how advanced someone is on that journey from personality to soul-infused personality, and this ability can assist me in determining which aspect of the ancient wisdom would be acceptable and digestible to them on their learning curve.

One day, as you learn to see through the various attachments to the comforting illusions which beg for our attentions, you will be able, from your island of stability and calm in the storms of others’ emotions, to do the same yourself.