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I heard a discussion this morning on the subject of bingeing on such series as Downton Abbey and House of Cards, this modern phenomenon made possible by dvd’s and simultaneous release of all episodes.  When one commentator mentioned the idea of getting lost in these worlds-unto-themselves, a light bulb went on in my head, as that is exactly how we lose our divine perspective during incarnation: we get lost in the world-unto-itself and forget where we came from, who we really are, and where we are going, all of which we knew quite well before being born.

In the act of incarnation we create our very own mini-series.  With, of course, valued contributions from colleagues and collaborators, we insert ourselves into families, societies, ethnicities and life-paths.  And we accomplish this with ease, practiced as we are in the arts of incarnation.  We may not particularly like the immersion in gravity, challenge and struggle, but we do enter it knowledgeably and willingly, knowing from past experience that the sacrifice is worth the prize.

Of course we soon dispose of that knowing, replacing it with ignorance, doubt and anxiety.  We begin afresh every time, reclaiming our forgotten knowledge scrap by scrap in the labyrinth of choices which life presents us.  In the midst of all this two-steps-forward-one-step-back cotillion we become so enmeshed in the details of our dramas, crises and passions we completely lose track of who we once were and will be again, once the fog of forgetfulness has lifted.

Sooner or later the events unfolding seem to reach some kind of climax and we step out of our comfort zone, fold the blanket back on the couch and leave the room, either convinced it’s all over or wondering what will happen next.  Surprise, surprise, stuff happens, and the ‘events unfolding’ scenario continues apace, albeit elsewhere, with an  amusing shift of parameters polishing the edges of our beliefs.

Is it the beginning of another mini-series in which we’ll get lost, or a respite from drama and struggle?  Some think they know and some are not so sure.