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As we have unfolded the various road blocks disguising our destination and repositioned the goals previously supported by the organizations dedicated to confusing the thrust of the individual with the orderly conveyance of the masses, many illusions have lost their lustre as we speed by them, our velocities no longer tethered by the doubts and fears imposed by others.  Yes, things sure look different from here.

From here we see the essence, however evanescent, inside every form.  From here we know sentience always surrounds us.  Our link to divinity strengthens with every step.  No longer tenuous as when we first set sail from the harbour of warnings and thinly veiled threats, it guides us through the mazes manufactured by ambition and sustained in the shadows of devious desires.  Divinity, we suspect, is our source and succour.  Divinity, we see, links us to deities and the impulse which designs them.  Divinity knows and we suspect we do too.

Perhaps we are gnostics, maybe we are mystics, for sure we are heretics.  But mostly we are beyond caring.  Mostly we are beyond.  Whatever seeks to grasp us, define us, display us, chastise us.  We suspect we are encompassed by the Universal Mind.  We imagine the cosmic itch in the Great Unmanifest which burped us forth into being, bringing our giggle into line with gravity.  We wonder if divinity is the ground of all being.  Perhaps everything is energy in various states of vibration? Maybe consciousness creates and sustains all?  Maybe the multiverse is all sentient beings and perceptions?

Such sublime metaphysics becomes our pastime as we explore the unending, wondering if it might end.