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I have previously alluded to our growing embrace of individual divinity, with its innate ability to see through the veils of lies, propaganda, spin and obfuscation to those levels of motivational truth permitting the various competing power- and profit-oriented elites trying to run the show to their best advantage.  This may come across as a bald assertion tailor-made for the naive arrogance of new-agers who’ve only recently uncovered the endless tale spinning of history and wonder what to make of all the myth making and belief system shaping inherent in the enterprise, but it represents an accuracy I find unavoidable.

To be sure, it’s a complex series of strategies and counter-strategies, games without frontiers as Peter Gabriel once sang.  Politics, economics, religion and competition for resources combined to make for a cut throat race for dominance amongst tribes and nations, with winners and losers shifting positions throughout the unfolding of the centuries.

As reincarnating personalities in various cultures we have each experienced many roles throughout time and space on Earth, and as our awareness increases with soul growth and its unavoidably amplifying consciousness, we begin to see through the veils of personality, culture, religion and economic status to the unwavering reality beyond.  We are coming to know ourselves as eternally existing souls dipped into the illusions of time and space to learn the various lessons imposed by the limitations of those definitions.  Learn them, absorb them and move on to the next challenge.

As we look at the propaganda merchants spinning their self-serving yarns we must also see them as souls dipped into the illusions of time and space, forgetting their divine origins and being totally caught up in the cocoons of their belief systems and the chains of command they fervently wish to climb.  That realization does not, of course, make them any the less dangerous to the pleasures of serenity and stability within society, but it gives us a frame in which to view them more clearly.

And that clarity, combined with the understanding all physical plane experiences are illusions undergone willingly by souls choosing the further education offered by the harsh rigours of hardship and repetitive labour, such as most of us experience in society, is what liberates us from that self centered whining that the poor battered ego encourages and into the sublime knowing that we are all emblems of consciousness swimming in a sea of consciousness, where every perceivable form is yet another aspect of consciousness distinguished only by its level of realization of that consciousness.  Traditionally, this outlook, that there is nothing but Spirit, with matter being a rather thick and lumpy version of it, is called idealism, and needless to say, is none too popular with the current intelligensia of the planet.  Their remit being the skeptical materialism of science, now well past its sell-by date but still hanging in with the grim determination that comes with high personal investment and talk show status maintenance.  Fess up guys and gals, it’s as much to do with tenured careers, summer homes and mortgages as lofty and fervently defended paradigms.

Whether it’s past learning put to good use or the mysteriously anonymous gift of grace, some forms of consciousness are just more in tune with their source than others, better swimmers in that aforementioned sea if you like.  They know, as they glide happily amidst those afraid of drowning, that we are all exploring the near and the far and finding that everything is a variation on a theme, the theme being existence in all its complexity.  From the single celled to the galactic there are no exceptions.

That this perceptive realization belongs in the category we call mystical is perhaps obvious, and those who do not or cannot share it are bound by the rules of analytical rationality, that religion of science which has so dominated our educated elites enjoying their universities these past three centuries.  These enlightenment junkies, as I like to call them, are obsessed with the what might be termed the “problem of consciousness”, as exemplified by all forms of experience, whether emotional, mental or perceptual.  They struggle with the concepts “brain, “mind” and “body” and how they do, or do not, generate or regulate the awareness that each human self lives with.

Where that awareness comes from, how and when it arises, and what exactly is its ultimate purpose, seems to be the prong upon which the rationally and scientifically minded impale themselves upon, wriggling inside research and theories, none of which seem to provide them with the satisfaction they seek.  In this they are quite like the constantly scheming power brokers and spin doctors ratcheting up their temporary victories in their various competitions for dominance.

Because they envision the world as separate entities competing for sustenance and dominance and not one of the many forms of consciousness sharing an identical source in spirit they lay themselves open to the constant dissatisfactions of winning and losing, triumphant one week, distraught the next.

So whether Putin is really paranoid despot surrounded by a small coterie of sycophants, Obama too considerate and bipartisan to be decisive, the EU buying time in which to build liquified gas plants, or NATO criminally ineffective,  ISIS defectively sub-human, Israelis Nazis in disguise, or all religious fundamentalism demonically inspired, regardless of its particular shade, should not seriously concern us, as these will always be matters of heated debate based on questionably faulty information carefully spun by the various tendrils of psy-ops misting up any available shreds of clarity with theories and counter theories.  Governments, militaries, corporations, religions, all of them live in lying mode, while we exist as citizens in the fog of their fabrications and obfuscations, looking for the angle which will leave us with insight or understanding.

Fat chance.  International diplomacy, that bespoke suit of espionage, has always been carefully conducted double speak with everyone in on the joke.  The five hundred year old correspondence of various European court ambassadors will easily testify to this.  But for the average Jean or Joe, with no time to occupy anything much other than the schedules of their own lives, choosing amongst the PR campaigns of public and international entities is closer to poker with card sharps than anything resembling a democratic process.

But casting aside all the spin as suspect, regardless of source, let us, as emblems of divinity gradually reacquiring our inheritance, see them all as souls struggling inside their very partial connections to Source, while we, as buds sprouting into blooms, can shed some smidgens of beauty and fragrance upon their stony paths, and link up with the slowly shining others in foreign lands made friendly by the feast of consciousness we consistently and increasingly share.