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We all do it, in one shadow of delusion or another, we all live out our days in the shadow of whatever level of deception we have accustomed ourselves to.  There must be some who still insist on trimming their naivete to fit the outline of whatever the latest PR campaign is being foisted on us, but most of us have seen through some, if not several, levels of the packages spin doctored for our approval and consumption.

Institutions, whether public, private, commercial or religious, require our consent and participation in order to continue on their profit making paths.  Whether that consent is truly informed or cleverly orchestrated is another story.  But to this end they will go to great lengths to fashion an elaborate narrative fantasy around the dogma/idea/product/campaign/platform/charity/virus/war that they wish to promote.  It might be a cure for a syndrome they have defined, it might be a product which performs like all its competitors, it might be an all-the-bells-and-whistles innovation that does little but brag, it might be an attack on an enemy whose beyond-the-pale wickedness has been carefully crafted by a public relations firm and then confidently relayed by our ever-so-compliant mainstream media, it is often some official wrongdoing vehemently denied by some supporting chorus of outraged innocence, or some fraudulent financial transaction conducted by underlings hand-picked by the bosses and then rolled under the bus, and sometimes it is an entire ideological campaign carefully mounted by those infamous agencies and propagated by teams of true believer operatives for decades of elaborate cultural deceit, where assassinations, bombings, sudden heart attacks and strokes are often the horribly marvelous window dressing to some tragic drama to entrain our shocked anxiety.

Populating these ventures we have the natural liars loving the deceit, the well paid liars looking to offshore investments, the lied-to liars being good-boy gofers, the too-terrified-to-do-anything-but-lie liars, the strangely and suddenly dead guilt-driven turncoats and those wacky whistle-blowers whose characters are even now being drawn up for assassination.  And then there’s the rest of us, knowingly nodding and wondering whether the destinies of our democracies are anything but hopelessly compromised.

Of course there is more to our world than lying, ruthless deceit and the marketing of cover-ups, but sometimes it seems like not very much.  Our public life, with its corporations, institutions, governments and special interest groups all vying to promote their agendas, has become a vibrant marketplace for elaborate theatrical displays of honesty, due diligence, transparency and accountability, those much ballyhooed buzzwords of the well-paid liars.

Quite a cast of characters I think you’ll agree.  Ripe for some Shakespearian tragedy or comedy, depending on one’s mood of the moment. Maybe that’s what Shakespeare thought too.

Public life, society at large, the choppy seas we navigate as individuals around the trajectories of institutions, ruthlessly ambitious as they are, is one of cutthroat strategy and deceptive maneuvering.  Every trick in the book is employed to skip around the laws of the land, and the lawyers, accountants and assorted fixers and hit-men who populate the shadows and fringes, convinced their activities are as legitimate as their counterparts, all of whom are working the angles anyway.  It’s not what you do, it’s what you can get away with, you can hear them thinking, as they grimace and wiggle when caught red handed.  At least we’re not dictators, thugs, death squads, pimps or pedophiles you can hear them justifying, in the middle of some night, smug and anxious. Some get jail, some latch on to suicide, but most get the comfortable exile with its carefully secreted care packages to ensure the lifelong compliance with the hidden agenda.

It’s the hidden agenda and the endless anonymity of the perps which seems to be paramount.  The conspiracy must never be uncovered, as one character says to another in “Wag The Dog”.  The conspiracy to keep one sector’s profits up, its market share viable, its investors advantaged and its future secure.  That oil must be pumped, that plane downed, those minerals dug up and refined, those drugs their desperate, and often dead, guinea pigs and prolonged patent life, those priests a new parish with a fresh crop of innocents, that cancer causing agent a new population to decimate, that pesticide a new species to poison, those agencies a new insurgency to ignite, those armies a new enemy to dismember, those hackers a new network to penetrate, those construction crews a new devastation to rebuild.

The hidden agenda of immoral actions, unconscionable cruelty, ruthless abuse, inflated budgets and obscene profits: we live cheek by jowl with it every week and year.  Some of us investigate, taking time to dig deep and be disgusted; others scan the headlines and surmise the worst, their memories faulty but yet functioning, despite the sedation offered by work, family, entertainment and sports.  As one who digs deep when the opportunity arises, I find no-one is taken aback when I report the results.  The details may be new but the field of play quite familiar.  Human corruptibility seems to be a given.

Movies, however glamorized and pumped up with outrageous levels of tragedy and heroism, serve well as messengers.  Those who have never heard a former agency hit-man fess up will know of Jason Bourne and his legacy.  Those who are ignorant of special access programs within the black budgets of the shadow government will have seen some, if not all, of the “Men In Black” franchise.  No-one seems shocked when I report on the teleportation portals in underground bases trafficking the operatives to Mars and back.  Governments sacrificing their own citizens in covert actions to ramp up the fear quotient and stampede support for some fresh round of scapegoating and slaughter?  Sure.  The military conducts their own abductions, in their very own back engineered saucers, to discover what the abductees know of the actual aliens and their various agendas?  Raises a few eyebrows amongst the hoi-polloi, but not nearly as many as among the intellectuals with a career and peer credibility to maintain.

Professors and journalists seemed the most shackled to the approved deep-in-denial worldview.  Education and the media seem the most controlled.  Those two fields are almost entirely dependent on the corporate culture of control and secrecy for their livelihoods.  Their silent obedience is maintained by the threat of mockery, dismissal and permanent exile from the tribe.  The new film “Kill The Messenger”, depicting the drawn-out decimation of Gary Webb for daring to uncover the drug dealing activities of the Agency will remind us all of that.  Little has changed since Galileo’s ever so Catholic confinement.  “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” as the famous song goes.

Even those culture critics who step out and take a stance do so in a careful, measured manner.  Ever conscious of how far they can go, they stick to arguments which show up the deep faults in our democracies but stop short of admitting that there is little or no actual functioning democracy to criticize.  Recognizing the reality of the shadow governments freely functioning outside the electoral process and the private armies of intelligence agencies orchestrating the wars, disasters and revolutions as it suits their various purposes, renders their activities close to pointless, and no-one likes to feel that stupid, particularly those with PhD’s and heads full of officially approved learning.  Farther out critics who are willing to jump down the rabbit hole and decimate their belief systems often call them the “gatekeepers of the left”.  The fatal trip wires seem to always be JFK’s overthrow, 9/11 and the alien presence.  To admit these black holes into your reality tunnel is to immediately deflate any credibility you may have struggled to achieve.

For example, Noam Chomsky and Democracy Now! team have sculpted their comfortable niches and would prefer to remain there directing traffic, thank you very much.  Like all their media counterparts in the so-called mainstream, they have an audience share and level of credibility they would like to maintain, and all of them recognize the territory they must stay inside to keep up appearances.

Is this some universal law, some behaviour pattern replicated throughout all human societies and endeavours?  I believe it is.  We all know what can be said and done within the acceptable parameters of families, companies, religions and societies.  Some is expressed in law and the rest is learned as we grow into the roles defined for us.  The shopkeeper knows just how far he can go with his customers, the pastor with his congregation, students with their teachers, teachers with their unions, principals with their school boards,  MP’s with their constituents, journalists with their editors, editors with their governments and security services, leaders with their financiers, financiers with their shadow elites.

We’re all on a leash and know just how far we can run.  That would be the given beyond which the well financed corporate and governmental deceivers spin their theatres of illusion, motivating purchase and permission from us, the passive consumers of crafted information.  As we ascend in our understanding of consciousness and all its attributes and capabilities, we can see that angry activism directed against these cabals of greedy self-interest is one path of expression, often chosen by those chafing at the bit to bust out of their information overload.

Another is the continued expansion of one’s personal consciousness, a journey where we can observe ourselves as beings of unlimited potential, passing by, on our way, all the other potentials around us so bound by desire and fear and carved into postures of ambition and power lust, continuing to a destination we strongly suspect is but a pleasant plateau from which the next stage can be glimpsed and the journey mapped.

We are all on that journey, on our way there, just some of us don’t know it.  They, poor souls, have been caught as statues, proudly posing and believing their illusions, while the winds of constant change blow the rest of us onward and upward like giddy balloons at some party so cosmic we can’t quite guess the dimensions.