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Several recent articles in newspapers and websites have reminded me of our recurring need for enemies to resist, battle and vanquish. Whether it’s villainous orcs, the rotation of Assad, Al Quaeda, the Taliban or ISIL, this season’s flu mutation, foreign pandemics, debilitating diseases, extreme weathers, toxic ideologies, there’s always some alien invader storming the gates and decimating innocents. Not to mention the actual alien invaders themselves, filching eggs and sperm from aggravated donors, amidst a host of sundry nefarious activities, either denied or assisted by our governments.

The enemy from beyond the perimeter is the eternal other from over there, the stranger out to destroy, absorb or command, the force to be resisted if safety and independence is valued.  Throughout the kingdoms, animal, mineral and vegetable, such experience is endlessly replicated, and, as soul energies employing all the vehicles of expression on the physical plane, we have absorbed this archetypal behaviour pattern long before the complexities of human incarnation were willingly inhabited.

And it’s no great leap to see the programming of primitive humans is but a small step from their animal cousins. But as we evolve in the subtleties and complexities of emotional and mental life which unfold once the necessities of food, safety and shelter are taken care of, we should begin to shrug off or outgrow those imperatives of the first and second chakras which dictate those opposing teams of friend and foes so beloved of political, religious and economic life.

Obviously, it’s an appallingly slow process, and the institutionalized nature of the above structures, with their inbuilt agendas and mandates, ensures the snail’s pace we have become accustomed to. Religions enshrine the illusion of good vs. bad, economics enshrine the illusion of winner and loser, politics enshrine the illusion of competing systems. And just as efficiently as the physical plane enshrines the illusion of separation and mortality, I might add.

As we expand to embrace the understanding that all opposing viewpoints are mere positions on a compass illuminating various paths that can be adopted and followed to an elevated destination from which they can all be seen, snaking their way through the valley below towards that point of retrospect upon which all travelers eventually stand, we can see all such dualisms as hurdles to be overcome, preferably by sidestepping, for at that point we know all opposites actually attract, and can, in fact, be induced to dance with their much feared partners, dance to the music that life unleashes anytime the harmonies and rhythms are felt above all that din our frantic activities deliver.

Of course, those of us who are now able to drop the need for enemies into that trash recycle bin still have to cope with the millions who are yet living out the remainder of their subscription, cosying up to that ancient tribal identification rather than melting in the pot of the united nations, and the tides of their opinions wash over us constantly, know that we are rocks in the waters of resistance, rocks who submit rather than rebel, because submission is the practice which ushers you into to the portal whose opening leads only to more and more opening, until everything passes through you, leaving no trace.

And ultimately no you.