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For the last week or so I’ve been thinking about Argentina, vaccines & collateral damage and wondering why they keep circling through my, oh let’s just call it analytical brain function.  The most obvious reason is the continued media coverage of the evolving situations, both locally and internationally.  If you listen to the radio and read the newspapers, as I do, it’s pretty hard to avoid.

The Argentine situation exploded over a weekend.  We heard first that the public prosecutor, Alberto Nisman, had been found dead in his bathroom, a bullet to the head, a revolver by his side, his apartment door locked from the inside, all ten of his security team mysteriously absent, and a draft resolution to arrest the Argentinian President for covering up the trail that lead to the perpetrators of the 1994 bombing of the Israeli embassy and Jewish Argentinian community center which killed 84 and injured hundreds.  Like any adult who has read more than three articles and two books I immediately thought:- ‘assassination’.

One didn’t even need to say but why?  It was all right there in the first couple of reports.  Likely the Iranians hired Hezbollah to do the dirty back in the nineties when their internecine warfare, all under covers of course, with Israel and the Mossad was in full force, and likely too was the reality that Nisman’s decade long investigation had been hampered by many bribes and red herrings emanating from the source of your choice.  Basically any interested party with something to lose: face, status, credibility, power.  That complex maze of rivalries and temporary affiliations that countries, corporations and intelligence agencies indulge in as a matter of course as they ruthlessly pursue their agendas.  When they all cover up, obfuscate and lie, how can you tell the rogue from the thief?  And if for a moment you think you can, it’s liable to be, as my mother, and likely yours, used to say, the pot calling the kettle black.  Argentina has grain and beef and desperately needs cheap oil, so a swap with the Iranians, suffering under sanctions, would suit both, especially if Argentina would kindly overlook those ’94 bombings.  Nisman, about to trumpet this sleaze to a government committee the following morning, could not be allowed to make it to the following morning.

So far, all as one has come to expect.  No surprises, no deviations from the accustomed modus operandi.  Even the lies are laughable.  And the populace seems unfazed: memories of the ‘Dirty War’, when anyone vaguely on the left or daring to dissent was ‘disappeared’ and their babies stolen, have yet to fade.

All this fell into our laps as we argued our way through the vaccination imbroglio, with some upset that the government couldn’t actually force vaccinations upon those who begged to differ, and others upset that Big Pharma and their dark operatives could continue their mass indoctrination of the populace with barely a gripe from a subservient and toothless media and a government too busy to be bothered to lift the carpet off bought-off medical personnel and bureaucrats, manipulated test results and bribes in the right places, and see the dirt underneath.  Gees, give us a break will you, we’ve got ISIS and Putin to ward off.

And hey, they’ve got a point, we’re arresting and trying jihadists every week now, shootings perpetrated and planned shootings uncovered at the last moment, there is no denying.  We’re in a bind, we’re in a sweat, and I can’t imagine Angela Merkel can even remember what country she’s eating breakfast in.  Those new-agers are saying everything is speeding up towards the ascension, and it’s hard to disagree, with all the shit that’s coming down without pause.  You can just about set your watch by each new outrage, or even better, photograph it with your smart phone.  There’s been two jihadist shootings in the hours as I worked on this piece, alone.

So all those parents, and believe me there’s plenty if you look in the right places, whose children began reversing instead of growing days or weeks after their vaccinations, vigilant mothers vibrating in anguish,  all those unfortunates gathered under that umbrella they call ‘autistic spectrum disorder’, they’ll just have to knuckle under until the time to sue is ripe, and a new generation of medicos, making their way in the career jungle, declare the old sworn-to truths were actually under-researched or just plain bad science, as has actually just happened this past week with the old bible on saturated fat and cholesterol, blindly followed since the fifties.  Until then, those parents and their children, often uncommunicative and lacking in many of the usual skill sets, will have to be cowed back into their corner, debunked, rebutted and rejected, as collateral damage in the war against communicable diseases.

A few months ago, in August 2014, William Thompson, a researcher who had worked with in CDC on their testing the MMR vaccine in and around 2002, blew the whistle on at least some of the research, saying that inconvenient results had been covered up and that he personally had been aggressively convinced to participate.  If you check on this now you will find supporters in the autism community and detractors in the science community and virulent ad hominem arguments abounding.  At least one blog called him a slimeball.  Thompson seems to have fallen off the radar since then and only speculation can guess why.

He has not been offed in a locked appartment like Nisman, or set up in a swanky hotel suite like Dominic Strauss Khan, but given the history of repression of medical innovators and whistleblowers who dare to go against the grain and rupture the bulging pockets of profit over the last century, I see patterns being repeated, patterns whose parameters are easily recognizable once you’ve done even a little research.

During my stint of study I was touched by this piece (from the site ‘AgeofAutism’):  “I want to be supportive of Dr. Thompson, thank him for finally revealing this evidence, and yet, this is taking place ten to twelve years after the events in question.  Twelve years ago my daughter was four years old.  Today she’s sixteen and still can’t speak, can barely walk, and is in diapers.  I think of those years in which family, friends and co-workers have distanced themselves from my wife and I because of our belief that our daughter’s problems started with a vaccination.  Thompson has been part of the scientific clique which has made so many of us autism parents pariahs amongst those people we love the most.”

When I see young people going for diet pop I tell them what I know about aspartame:  that the military once tried it out as a poison, that it was rushed through the testing process by the bureaucracy responsible as other artificial sweeteners had been linked to cancer, and that maybe sugary pop was safer as at least we had a method of dealing with the collateral damage of diabetes.  Do you wanna be a guinea pig for aspartame, I’d say.

Now while we are all guinea pigs for secret government experiments laughingly denied in all the major media, employing that familiar how-dare-you-criticize-the-high-priests-of-science mode, replicating the holy guardians of Christian theology before them, collateral damage in what someones somewhere consider work above and beyond the call of the moral compass, that built-in exceptionalism of science, it’s the autism families that are the collateral damage in the vaccination wars.

Let’s quit this tango of correlation vs. causation and follow the money.  There’s a connection between cheap Iranian oil for Argentina and warehoused vaccines for the rest of us.