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I’ve been hearing a lot of chat lately from and about folks who’ve signed up to visit Mars, folks other than astronauts that is. I’ve also heard critiques announcing that the time projections for such a trip are way off and it can’t possibly happen for another decade or so. This group of interested parties has its following on major media, and as someone who’d rather stay safely at home physically and venture abroad in my astral or mental body, I’m intrigued with those, like the woman I heard interviewed last week, a teacher or librarian as I recall, who are so keen to be in on the making of history that they are willing to risk life and limb to do so. And living in Canada as I do, with its recent and very palpable history of European setters willing to risk the same in that unforgiving wilderness landscape and weather of centuries past, it is easy to make the comparison. One frontier, if not exactly conquered then merged with, followed by another.

That is the picture from our major media. But for those of us willing to search through the internet, another narrative emerges: that of those who have already visited and returned, some of them aided by aliens and others conveyed by those shadowy elements of the secret government that have their fingers in every pie, including that of efficient large scale interstellar transportation and the technology which facilitates teleportation.

That there exists at least one base, if not more, on Mars, is beyond serious disputation, at this point, unless a whole lot of whistleblowers and experiencers are lying or being thoroughly duped. It is not beyond denial or mockery, those two trusty weapons of the skeptical mainstream, nothing really is, but serious informed disputation it is. A long term cooperative project between certain alien groups and earth based humans, with a complex of facilities both above and below ground, with staff and materiel being delivered and rotated on a constant basis, is a reality somewhere on the Mars surface, perhaps half hidden in a crater. Obviously not the part we get to see.

The whistleblowers will not say much about what’s going on there other than research of various kinds, but the interviews suggest that whatever its nature it does not contravene their personal moral standards.  Of course it is now almost commonplace for obe enthusiasts like myself to mention the base on the dark side of the moon, which, we suspect, has been there at least as long as the Mars base, if not longer.  Many have projected  thereabouts, myself included, and as orbs or other more humanoid spiritforms we are observed, checked out and left to our own devices, which does not, I might add, include an interior inspection.   Many government facilities on Earth have much the same psychic shielding, although why anyone would be intrigued by the goings on within an MOD building in London is beyond me.  When one can, with a bit of talent and practice, inhabit the activities of our fellow elementals or slip into a waterfall and feel the electric charge of the water spirits animating it, not to mention the molecular structure should one feel so inclined, government facilities with file clerks and spooks dedicated to the defense of the realm between paychecks, pubcrawls and lovers, seem more than a tad soap opera-ish to me.

Naturally, the internet is rife with such claimants, some of which may well be just plain fakers or government disinformation agents, the likes of which have been liberally sprinkled about any contentious issue, political, social or metaphysical, for many decades now.  And boy do they love to feast on infiltration and the fog that can be fanned from confusion! As with many issues you just have to trust your own bullshit detector.  All I might add is be sure to turn it on in the first place.  It is not skepticism and it is not belief, it is the direct unmediated thrust to the bottom of the bag to grab the keys and get inside, for mysteries are made for risky penetration.

And thus, once again, we have the two worlds at our fingertips: that of the major media, beholden to corporate interests and hotly denied government directives, that reflect the world they want us to see, much of which is, admittedly, highly relevant and not to be ignored.  Then we have the independent, citizen centered blogs and videos, spotlighting issues that the majors leave in the shadows, and often the ones that the majority would prefer left there while they make their way in the world and, as we say, make ends meet.  Those two seemingly mutually exclusive worlds do cross from time to time.  I notice, for example, that the various revelations of Edward Snowden, issued from exile, are treated with equal gravitas in both camps.  Not so in the vaccine wars it would seem.  Far too much at stake as yet, one suspects, after gathering various reports of court mandated recompense for the families of vaccine ‘victims’ around the world.

And so, going to Mars versus being on Mars: that, in a nutshell, is our choice.